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Famous Mid-Century Homes in Silver Lake, LA

Silver Lake, Los Angeles was named the hottest neighborhood for real estate in 2014, James Franco. The area is known for its innovative mid-century architecture. Indeed, many of the highly-commissioned architects, from John Lautner to Richard Neutra, called Silver Lake home throughout the 50’s and 60’s.

Neutra Colony Houses

2232 Silver Lake Blvd. (pictured); other addresses along Silver Lake Boulevard

Richard Neutra, who lived in Silver Lake while forming his reputation as one of the world’s best modernist architects, designed and built many homes along Silver Lake Boulevard. This tract of homes became known as Neutra Colony Houses, and they were noted for their characteristic hillside embedment. Often obscured by flora, the Colony Houses were meant to make their inhabitants feel at one with nature without a sense of confinement.

Photo: Zillow

Neutra colony


2138 Micheltorena St.


Photo: Triangle Modernist Houses

This concrete-domed house, built by John Lautner, was commissioned by Kenneth Reiner in 1956. Reiner, who designed many of the internal features himself, went bankrupt before construction was finished, and wasn’t picked back up until the earlier 70’s. You can glimpse the completed Silvertop, with its iconic cantilevered driveway, in the Brett Easton Ellis film Less Than Zero.

Canfield-Moreno Estate


Photo: Flickr

Built in the mid-20’s, this estate is the oldest property on our list, and least modernist in style. Silent film star Antonio Moreno could be seen in the 30’s entertaining his celebrity guests in and around 22,000 square feet of Mediterranean Revival architecture. Since then, the Canfield-Moreno estate has been a convent school for girls, a home for Franciscan nuns, and a popular filming site for horror movies, including Scream 3 and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

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Famous Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Eagle Rock

the rock

Photo: Eastside LA Lifestyle

Eagle Rock’s close proximity to Hollywood has made it the setting for many scenes in iconic films and television shows. From the campus of Occidental College to the front of CVS drugstore, Eagle Rock can be glimpsed in all of the following pieces of classic pop culture.

Top Gun

top gun

Photo: Amazon

This 1986 smash hit was a breakout for young heartthrob Tom Cruise, playing the role of Naval Aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Beverly Hills, 90210 and Arrested Development


Photo: The Wrap

The quintessential 90’s drama Beverly Hills, 90210 featured Occidental College as “California University,” where the gossip-worthy lives of the cast take place after they graduate from West Beverly Hills High.

arrested dev

Photo: Classy Deer

While 90210 didn’t exactly try to mask Occidental’s identity, the campus has been portrayed on film as a university in a wide range of locales, including Spain. In Arrested Development’s fourth Netflix season, George Michael takes a semester off from his stint at UC-Irvine to study abroad in Spain. Michael Cera’s scenes of strolling the campus grounds and sporting an extremely fake-looking mustache were actually filmed at Occidental.

red october

Hunt for Red October

This 1990 film, based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, follows a CIA analyst who leads US Naval officers to capture a Soviet nuclear submarine from defecting Soviet officers. Starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery, the movie was a box office hit, grossing $200 million worldwide. The jury is out on how much Eagle Rock, as one of the filming sites, contributed to this success

Pharrell’s “Happy”


Photo: Good Food

Eagle Rock can also be seen in the music video for Pharrell’s 2014 earworm sensation, “Happy.” From a bowling alley to Eagle Rock High School to the street outside of a CVS, the suburban community of Eagle Rock is the star setting, taking backseat only to Pharrell’s dance moves.

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