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Vintage Finds in Echo Park

Echo Park is known for food, theater, and great parks. But for those willing to dig, the neighborhood also offers a plethora of vintage stores bursting with clothes, furniture, and music for the thrifty shopper. If you’re looking for a great deal, or hoping to update your closet with a little vintage flair, swing by Echo Park for a vintage extravaganza! 


Photo Credit: TAVIN Boutique

A great example of the vintage offerings in Echo Park is TAVIN Boutique. Opened in 2009, Tavin specializes in vintage bohemian and Gypset lifestyle clothing. The boutique also carries a number of designer brands, like Sonia Rykiel, APC, Christian Dior, and Comme Des Garcons. TAVIN also imports Baluch dresses from Afghanistan and stocks Vietnamese indigo style pants, dresses, and jackets. Not interested in clothing? Try TAVIN’s large selection of handpicked jewelry, shoes, boots, and belts. Named for for the owner, Erin Tavin, TAVIN Boutqiue aims to reproduce the feeling of wandering the streets of New York or Paris in Echo Park.

Lemon Frog Shop plays it much more casual. Styling itself as a vintage bazaar, Lemon Frog advertises its ability to find rare, one-of-a-kind, clothing and accessories for every budget. The bazaar brings in fresh stock each day to lure in the dedicated shoppers. The store offers a variety of styles, including hippie, disco, punk, glam, mod, and bohemian. Boasting an extensive collection of shoes, high heels, platforms, and boots, Lemon Frog also carries a wide selection of jewelry and accessories. While Lemon Frog aims to stock mostly high-end clothing, the bazaar also has a $10 or less selection to tempt even the slimmest of wallets.


Photo Credit: Lemon Frog Shop

XL3 Vintage Clothing boasts an enormous selection of pre-owned sports wear. Opened in 1994, XL3 treats their reputation and customer service very seriously and offer jackets, shirts, shoes, and jerseys from every sport imaginable. Looking for a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey? How about a Denver Broncos John Elway NFL Champion jersey? Then XL3 has you covered!

The Left Bank is a family owned and operated shop in Echo Park. More than just clothing, Left Bank offers modern gifts, and have curated stocks of designer, vintage, and contemporary resale clothing and accessories. Operating like a true thrift store, The Left Bank also accepts donations, customer sales, and trades.

If the workin’-cowboy ascetic is more your thing, check out Raggedy Threads, located just southeast of Echo Park. Established in 2002, Raggedy Threads carries a wide selection of quality workwear and denim.

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Best Eateries In and Around Elysian Park

Named for the oldest park in Los Angeles, Elysian Park is a small historic neighborhood in Central Los Angeles. The park, which is popular for its scenic views and sunlit outdoor spaces, wraps around Elysian Park on the northern side.

Eateries - Elysian Park

Bordered by Los Angeles’ lively Chinatown and the hip, eclectic Echo Park neighborhood, Elysian Park is emerging as an attractive prospect for younger people looking to settle in the area. This mellow garden neighborhood also has a lot of delicious food to offer. Today we’ll explore some of the best eateries in and around Elysian Park!

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Kendall’s Brasserie

Carrying on the Parisian brasserie tradition in Southern California, Kendall’s specializes in comfort food like baked macaroni with sharp cheddar cheese, steak frites, and a short-rib hash with poached eggs. Kendall’s is also a popular bar for locals heading out to a show, and their cocktails include a “Hemingway Daiquiri” with house-made grapefruit cordial, and a “Oaxacan Old Fashioned” with chocolate-chili bitters.

Tokyo Doggie Style

Los Angeles is famous for its rich tradition of cultural diversity, and what better example than a Japanese-influenced hot dog truck? Parked daily in the Elysian Park neighborhood, Tokyo Doggie style serves up an impressive menu of Japanese treats and juicy hot dogs, including the popular “Bacon-Wrapped Hawaiian Terrier-ki Dog.” If you’d like to try a more traditional Japanese lunch, try a Ramen or Rice Bowl or a side of seaweed salad. Their lychee lemonade provides the perfect balance of sweet and tart for a hot summer afternoon, and they also offer a selection of refreshing boba teas.

Pho 87

If you’re in the mood for succulent pho and crispy golden egg rolls, Pho 87 has got you covered. Their pho – rice noodle soup with rare beef in a rich savory broth, served with a side of fresh greens and hot peppers – is a local fan favorite among Vietnamese cuisine aficionados. Vermicelli with marinated grilled pork is another popular menu option, and you can pair everything on the menu with an authentic Vietnamese Iced Coffee or a fizzy lemonade soda.

Eastside Market Italian Deli

The Eastside Market Italian Deli is one of the few remaining authentic Italian delis in Central Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a spicy salami sandwich or a creamy, pistachio-studded cannoli, stop into the Eastside Market. Since the Eastside is so close to Elysian Park, their antipasti menu should provide you with all the inspiration you need for a delicious picnic al fresco italiano.

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

This popular vegan restaurant prides itself on a diverse array of tempting vegan dishes, including a delicious selection of vegan-friendly appetizers. Try their deep-fried artichoke hearts, “mozzarella sticks” made with salty hearts of palm in crispy breading, or spicy-hot buffalo wing-style cauliflower. Entrees at Sage are just as flavor-forward, including jackfruit nachos and quinoa corn cakes with avocado and spicy cabbage relish.


The Elysian is an elegant brasserie with an airy garden patio and a rotating selection of fresh, inventive dishes with a Mediterranean flair. Their peach and arugula salad is perfect for a light lunch. For a heartier option, try a plate of tender ricotta gnocchi or a peppery roast pork collar with juicy watermelon. The buttermilk blackberry cake is a perfect finish to a creative locally-sourced meal.

Au Lac

Au Lac offers up refined vegan raw-food dishes with an Asian twist, like their roasted mushrooms with Thai basil. Their “Norrito,” a vegan taco on a bed of nori seaweed, is a flavorful light appetizer. Au Lac also offers a vegan twist on pho with anise and clove broth and soft bean curd. Savory noodle plates combine fresh, healthy ingredients with traditional stir-fry, including a garlic noodle dish with apple sage soy sauce.

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Whatever you’re looking for, you can find a delicious and unique meal in the Elysian Park neighborhood.  Make sure to plan a day trip to the heart of Los Angeles so that you can sample everything on offer!

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The Bootleg Theater

The Bootleg Theater is a year-round venue for live theater, music, and dance performances, and located just to the southwest of Hollywood Boulevard and Echo Park. The Bootleg takes pride in hosting avant-garde theater, emerging artists, and multidisciplinary live experiences that appeal to audiences looking for a non-traditional experience.


Photo Credit: The Bootleg Theater Facebook

Based in a former 1930s era warehouse, the brickwall performance venue is split into two spaces. A large theater that hosts the majority of performances at the Bootleg. A second smaller stage and bar adjoins the main theater. The Bootleg’s bar, like the performances, tend toward eclectic tastes and niche brews.

A wide variety of music plays at the Bootleg. On July 29th, the bands Big Business and Andy the Doorbum play, bringing a radical and low-fi metal sound to the stage. Lera Lynn plays on September 22nd, pairing indie-rock jams with a beautiful singing voice. And on August 3rd, the loose collective of LA-based musicians Black Windmill plays, featuring the singer/guitarist Axel Ray Steuerwald ushering in the night with a mix of experimental noise, psychedelic guitars, and electronic noise.

Just like their music booking, the Bootleg Theater’s play lineup stretches across all genres. The current offering, Four Chords and a Gun runs through August 14th. Based on the class band The Ramones, Four Chords and a Gun plumbs the depth of musical obsession, friendship, and personal development. LA Weekly writes, “Four Chords and a Gun plays as a hilarious and Oedipally inflected clash of generations, cultures, and ideologies” Four Chords and a Gun is just one example of the eclectic offerings of the Bootleg Theater.


Photo Credit: The Bootleg Theater Facebook

The Bootleg Theater is run by two separate organizations: The first is the non-profit theater company Rampart Theater Project, Inc. The theatrical programming is funded by grants, ticket sales, and donations both public and private. If you like the Bootleg’s theatrical performances, consider donating! The second organization is the for-profit Bootleg Theater that manages the bar, music programming, and venue.

Whether you’re craving a thrilling performance by professional L.A. actors, or looking to have your mind blown by a cutting-edge musical event, Bootleg Theater is the best in Echo Park.

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All About Elysian Park

Los Angeles’ sprawling, sunlit environs are home to stunning parks and nature areas. The Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles takes its name from Elysian Park proper, the ranging green area that surrounds Elysian Park’s quiet suburban streets. Elysian Park is the oldest in Los Angeles – and at 600 square acres, it’s the second-largest in the city. In this post, we’re taking a virtual tour!

Elysian Park 1

Photo Credit: We Like LA (https://www.welikela.com/free-places-breathtaking-views-los-angeles)

Lay of the Land

The park wraps around the Elysian Park neighborhood to the north. To the east, Elysian Park is bordered by Lincoln Heights. Los Angeles’ vibrant Chinatown neighborhood lies directly south, and the historic Echo Park neighborhood runs southwest, west, and northwest. Elysian Park is less famous than Runyon Canyon Park, but its central location and gorgeous scenery have made it a local hotspot.

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Steeped in Los Angeles History

Elysian Park has played a role in Los Angeles history from the very beginning – at the southwest corner of the park visitors can still see the location where the Portola Expedition first gave the Los Angeles River its name. The first European explorers to see inland parts of Southern California camped in Elysian Park, and you can still find the Portola Trail Campsite at the Meadow Road park entrance.

Local Favorite

Elysian Park is popular with Los Angeles residents because of the array of amenities and pastimes the park includes. In addition to multiple jogging and hiking trails and a wealth of outdoor areas that are perfect for soccer games and capture the flag, Elysian Park incorporates multiple indoor sports facilities.  Check out Elysian Park Recreation Center and the Grace E. Simmons Lodge.

Chavez Ravine Arboretum

On the west side of Stadium Way near the Grace E. Simmons Lodge, the Chez Ravine Arboretum is the first and oldest arboretum in Southern California. This historic nature park was founded in 1893 by the Los Angeles Horticultural Society, and many of its original rare trees are still standing. Today you can see more than a hundred varieties of rare trees from around the world.  Admission to the Arboretum is free of charge.

Elysian Park 2

Photo Credit: Modern Hiker (https://www.modernhiker.com/2012/01/03/hiking-elysian-park-west-loop)

Angel’s Point Outlook

Angel’s Point offers a breathtaking view of Downtown Los Angeles, with Los Angeles Stadium perfectly in frame. You can reach Angel’s Point from a trailhead at the eastern corner of Elysian Park drive.  The hike leads you on a rolling 2.8 mile uphill walk through lush greenery, including multiple overlook views.  At the 0.4-mile mark, you’ll have a clear view all the way to the San Gabriel Mountains. Consider hiking Angel’s Point in the late afternoon for a premier view of the skyline at sunset.

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Picnic Central in Central L.A.

Elysian Park is a wonderful place to plan a summer afternoon picnic. Whether you opt for the Buena Vista Meadow Picnic Area, the Carob Tree Grove Picnic Area, the Ficus Grove Picnic Area, Bishop Canyon, or the Monticello De Leo Politti Picnic Area, you’ll have a spectacular setting for your al fresco meal.  Each area is also convenient to hiking trails, sports fields, and barbecue pits for an authentic Los Angeles asada.

Monticello De Leo Politti Event Area

This outdoor area can be reserved for private parties, so it’s the perfect place to plan a wedding or a party. With easy access along Stadium Way and a clear view of the Los Angeles skyline, Monticello De Leo Politti makes a spectacular venue for your outdoor event.

Whatever you’re interested in, Elysian Park offers a wealth of possibilities for outdoor recreation – and the historic Elysian Park neighborhood is a great place to plan a unique day trip. Whether you’re vacationing in the city or scoping out a new neighborhood, don’t miss a visit to this beautiful Los Angeles park!

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Discovering Echo Park Lake

Discovering Echo Park Lake

Located just off of the Hollywood Freeway, Echo Park Lake is a refreshing example of the Echo Park neighborhood’s wide offering of exciting opportunities. The Lake is a place to exercise, relax, and enjoy the company of others. Besides the friendly faces and sunny atmosphere, Echo Park Lake offers two pools, a community recreation center, cafe, and a pedal house. Don’t forget to bring the family dog!


Photo Credit: Black & Veatch

Echo Park Lake is newly renovated, given a fresh face by the city of Los Angeles. By 2006, the lake was heavily polluted and congested, turning what was once a place of scenic community into an eyesore. However, in August 2015 Echo Park Lake reopened having been entirely cleaned and boasting a new built-in wetlands that provides algae maintenance and improves water quality. Echo Park has never been more scenic and clean! Walking commutes or afternoon strolls with the family through the bustling park are more common than ever.

Echo Park’s Recreation Center offers a wide variety of programs for all ages. Examples of the classes on offer include ballet, gymnastics, and a fitness boot camp! The center hosts coed softball and volleyball competitions for those looking for a little friendly competition. For parents with young children (ages 5 – 12) the Recreation Center also offers an after-school program offering homework assistance, sports game, arts and crafts, and more! Those with adolescent children (ages 3 – 5) can enroll their kids in Sunshine Academy at the Echo Park Youth Center for a head-start on their education.

Offering both a shallow pool, and a more traditional deep pool, Echo Park boasts a number of water sports available to any residents of the neighborhood. The Echo Park Pool facility offers team sports including Swim, Water Polo, and Diving, as well as swimming lessons and aquatic aerobics classes. Interested in part-time work, or giving back to your community? Try the adult or junior lifeguard training programs to spice up your summer.


Photo Credit: L.A. 13th District

For those looking for the traditional Echo Park Lake experience, be sure to check out the Echo Park pedal boat rental facility! For $10 an adult and $5 a child, you can cruise around the beautiful lake in style! Interested in something more with a little more oomph? Rent out a canoe for a few laps of the lake complete with a guide for those with less experience on water. Visitors more interested in a romantic afternoon should try a leisurely half-hour gondola ride for a little taste of the Venetian experience. Feeling peckish? Don’t forget to stop by the Echo Park Cafe, offering a variety of non-alchoholic beverages with full espresso bar, pastries, and both breakfast and lunch dishes.

Be sure to discover Echo Park Lake today!

Echo Park Lake is just one of the many attractions of living in the Echo Park area. If you’re interested in more information about the Echo Park lifestyle, please contact us at Real Estate Unlimited!

Echo Park Dining Guide

Echo Park Dining Guide

Echo Park rests in the beating heart of Los Angeles, and boasts a wide variety of dining options to keep that heart pumping! Echo Park’s taste in food blends a plethora of cultural diversity mixed with trendy new developments. We’ve listed some of the best eateries in this bustling neighborhood so that you can get the best bites possible:


Photo Credit: Mohawk Blend

Mohawk Blend

Mohawk Blend is located in a 100-year old Vaudeville theater, and the new restaurant and bar aims to appeal to the young, chic crowd. This restaurant offers a full scale beer, cocktail, and wine offering to complement their brick oven pizzas, pub food, and seasonal salads using only California-sourced ingredients. The Fennel Sausage pizza puts classic tomato sauce with house-made fennel pork sausage, imported grana padano, shaved shallots, and oregano. For dinner, try their Mediterranean Platter which includes house made falafel, pita, veggies, red wine vinaigrette, olive tapenade, carrot hummus, and spiced eggplant spread.

The Park

The Park prides itself on a casual, friendly neighborhood environment. With low prices as a major selling point, this restaurant offer classic American cuisine with ethnic components. Try their Smoked Korobuta Pork Shoulder with ancho chile plum relish. Or go for the classic Park Burger, a vegetarian delight with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mixed greens.


Photo Credit: Guisados


Guisados takes its name from the classic Hispanic street vendor scene. Aimed at tugging on the nostalgic heart strings of Echo Park’s large hispanic population, Guisados serves homestyle braises on handmade corn tortillas made to order with the tagline “Just the way my mom used to make them.” Each taco costs only $2.75! The Steak Picado pairs flank steak with green bell peppers and bacon, while the extremely spicy Chiles Toreados offers habanero, serrano, jalapeno, and thai chiles on black beans.

Elf Cafe

Elf Cafe brands itself as an elegantly vegetarian restaurant, avoiding not only meat products, but any synthetic dishes made to look or taste like meat! Boasting a wide-range of Mediterranean or Moroccan styled dishes, Elf Cafe is a treat for the vegetarians of Echo Park. Elf Cafe’s Fattayer with Saffron and Sauce Africaine is made with puff pastry, and the chef’s weekly filling market vegetables, and the Kofta with Skordalia and Black Quinoa includes seared king oyster mushroom, preserved lemon puree, herbed yogurt, black eyed pease, aleppo baked dates, fried cumin almonds, and marinated shallots.

Button Mash

Button Mash is a bar, arcade, and restaurant – play of classic arcade games while you eat! Button Mash’s cuisine is Asian fusion, featuring fried chicken wings, tofu balls, and cheeseburgers. Try the Spicy Korean Pork Belly Sandwich on a sweet roll with chili powder and gochujag onions.


Masa of Echo Park prides itself on being a Mom & Pop restaurant serving Chicago-style pizza and comfort food, combining Italian, French, Spanish, Cuban, and Midwestern American cuisine. Built in 1922, the building has operated as a bakery and cafe for over eighty years! Try their classic Chicago deep dish, or the Penne Orleans, featuring blackened chicken breast, spicy arabiatta sauce, crispy mushrooms and shredded parmesan.

Check out these creative and varied eateries in the bustling center of L.A. today!

Echo Park is a exiting blend of new and old cultures, and the perfect place to live in Los Angeles. Since 1980 Real Estate Unlimited has been helping potential homeowners in Echo Park find the property right for them. If you have any questions about Echo Park cuisine, or would like help with your real estate needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Fun Things to Do in and Around Elysian Park

If you’re new to Elysian Park, or if you just want to explore new things and places, check out some of the fun things to do in and around Elysian Park in the great city of Los Angeles. Whether you like spending the weekend in nature, shopping for or viewing art, dining, amazing music, or tasting beer, there’s something for everyone.

What to Do in Elysian Park:

Dodger Stadium: Visit Dodger Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and see a Major League Baseball game. Dodger Stadium, also known as Chavez Ravine, was built in 1962. The number of seats makes it the largest stadium in the MLB. You can also take a tour of the stadium, which is the third oldest stadium in the league.

Fun things to do in Elysian Park2

Photo Credit: https://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/la/ballpark/information/

Downtown LA Art Walk: The Downtown LA Art Walk (on Main and Spring) takes place the second Thursday of each month between 6 pm and 10 pm. Art galleries are open to the public, and you can also get drinks, eat dinner, and explore downtown LA at your own pace. Since 2004, the art walk has been encouraging community members and visitors to experience Gallery Row and 50 galleries participate. The event attracts up to 25,000 people each month! Also, check out and sample the many food trucks that show up each month.

Walt Disney Concert Hall: Secure tickets to a concert and visit the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Master Chorale. The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry, is a landmark at 111 South Grand Avenue in downtown LA (near Hope Street). It is a part of the Los Angeles Music Center and seats over 2,200 people. Built in 2003, Lillian Disney donated to the project in the name of Walt Disney. Many donors made this project possible, creating a stainless steel structure with excellent acoustics that spans 3.6 acres.

Fun things to do in Elysian Park

Photo Credit: https://www.archdaily.com/441358/ad-classics-walt-disney-concert-hall-frank-gehry

Elysian Park: Escape from the city life and delve into Elysian Park. Located at 835 Academy Rd, Elysian Park is the second largest park in Los Angeles (covering 600 acres) and the oldest (originating in 1886). You can venture into one of the many hiking trails, which are some of the best places to see amazing views of the LA skyline in Elysian Park, including the West Loop Trail, Wildflower Trail, Angel’s Point Trail, and Portola Trail. Or, you can take it easy and have a barbeque, throw a ball at a baseball field, or have a picnic. While there, visit the Portola Trail Historical Monument, the Chavez Ravine Arboretum, the Victory Memorial Grove, and the Grace E. Simons Lodge and Memorial Sculpture.

Angel City Brewery: If you love craft beer, then you definitely have to taste the brew at Angel City Brewery. Located in the Los Angeles Arts District since 2013, Angel City Brewery is located at the Brewery and Public House. You can also take a tour of the brewery, where outside food is encouraged and food trucks frequent the area. Try every type of beer, including the Angel City IPA, Angel City Pilsner, Angel City Lager, Social IPA, Double IPA, Salted Caramel Gose, and Peach Berliner Weisse,

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Best places to see amazing views of LA Skyline in Elysian Park

Need a break from city life? Park your car and head into nature. Enjoy the view from above on the trails at Elysian Park, the oldest park in the city of Los Angeles; you can see the Golden State Freeway, Dodger Stadium, the San Gabriel Mountains, and more from the hilltops.

Elysian Park is a public park in Los Angeles, spanning 600 acres at 835 Academy Rd, and is home to the Grace E. Simons Lodge and Memorial Sculpture, the Portola Trail Historical Monument, and the Chavez Ravine Arboretum. It’s poplar for hiking, biking, and walking trails. You can also hang out at the park to use the BBQs, picnic areas, playground, and baseball fields.

Elysian Park views

Photo Credit: https://www.welikela.com/free-places-breathtaking-views-los-angeles/

Check out the views from these places:

Portola Trail: Get ready for views of Mount Washington, Glassel Park, and Crocodile Rock as you make your way through the Portola Trail in Elysian Park. This trail takes five miles to complete and will guide you from the southwest side of the park to the northwest side. One fifth of the way through this trail, you will hit Buena Vista Point. At this viewing area, you can have a picnic, enjoy the gardens, and take in the meadow. Along the way, you’ll also cross the Elysian Reservoir Grand Point View Area and the Marian Harlow Gardens.

Elysian Park views2

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/143552306848894678/

Hiking Elysian Park West Loop: Explore some of the views at the park on this beginner’s level trail. It’s also dog friendly, so be sure to bring your furry friends with you! This trail, starting at Stadium Way and Elysian Park Drive and near Grace E. Simons Lodge, allows you to explore the northwest portion of Elysian Park. You’ll be able to spot the valley and downtown Los Angeles from up there while walking this loop.

Wildflower Trail: This three-mile-long trail will take you to views of the San Gabriel Mountains and the Verdugo Mountains. This trail, at 1025 Elysian Park Drive, starts near the Grace E. Simons Lodge. As you make your way, you’ll climb up to 200 feet in elevation. Don’t forget to stop at the garden halfway through the trail, and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers!

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