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Wine Tastings at Silverlake Wine

Napa and Sonoma might have cornered the wine-tasting market up north, but here in Los Angeles Silverlake Wine is uncorking tasty local and imported vintages year round! This unpretentious yet discerning Los Angeles wine shop has attracted a devoted following among oenophile Angelenos.  Specializing in products from small-production boutique wineries, Silverlake Wine’s tastings have become popular events for wine aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

Wine tasting

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Proprietor Randy Clement believes in high-information, low-prattle blurbs for every bottle on his tasting menus. Each week, Clement sends customers email blasts laced with his own esoteric sommelier prose. One recent example ran, “The beverages this evening are all crafted by talented young people who stand at the forefront of the wine world’s next generation. They make wines that transcend and in some cases blow away efforts by their often relaxed and complacent contemporaries. The same way the band Nirvana, with one song, made acts like Poison, Warrant, White Snake, and all the other great Hair Bands of the 80s a lot less relevant.”

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Clement’s easygoing, populist approach extends to Silverlake’s in-store events, which are designed to be informative yet welcoming. During the week, wine tastings cost just fifteen dollars a head, and there’s no reservation required. Weekly tastings take place Mondays and Thursday evenings, and both days have their own specific vibe.

Monday is low-key and relaxed, like happy hour with friends on the back patio.  Servers provide a flight of three white and three red wines for attendees, all with an emphasis on the innovative and unique. At the wine bar, you can sample a selection of farmhouse cheeses, olives, hummus, and flatbread. If you’re interested in heartier fare, line up outside at the Urban Oven food truck for “the best mobile wood-fired pizza in the world.”

With the tagline, “Thursday is the new Friday,” Thursday’s tasting is more of an early weekend kickoff, and many locals nosh at Silverlake before migrating to a bar or nightclub. The themed tasting menu is paired with Cookbook bread and farmhouse butters, and customers can visit the Guerilla Tacos truck outside for a duo or trio of savory street tacos.

wine tasting 2

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One Sunday per month, Silverlake Wine hosts an early dinner with its most substantial tasting menu. Local caterers and chefs prepare four courses of food. Each course is paired with a Silverlake wine selection for an indulgent dining event. The event starts at three in the afternoon with an aperitif, and a reservation is required. It’s a little bit pricier but still a bargain at twenty-five dollars.

Each summer from early June to early September, Silverlake Wine provides a selection of wines to the Barnsdall Friday Night Wine Tastings fundraiser series. This garden party get-together includes music presented by local DJ Dan Wilcox of KJRW, a spread of gourmet cheeses from local shop The Cheese Store of Silverlake, and a fleet of food trucks selling everything from soft-serve ice cream to vegan bento boxes. At thirty to forty-five dollars a ticket, this Silverlake Wine soiree is a splurge, but ticket sales support the Barnsdall Art Park, and ticketholders can also tour the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hollyhock House on the park grounds and watch the sunset from one of the most beautiful public spaces in Los Angeles.

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Silverlake Wine combines an accessible price range with an impressive command of vintages and varieties. Stop by one of their tastings for a sample of their superlative array of wines, or visit their store for a handpicked tour through some of the most unique products California vineyards have to offer.

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Plan a Day Trip to South Pasadena

Not sure what to do this summer? Plan a day trip to South Pasadena, and enjoy parks, food, shopping, and more in this well-loved Southern California city. South Pasadena’s Hometown Charm is sure to impress.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain: For more than 100 years, Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain has been located at Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena on historic Route 66. Now, you can stop by for breakfast and lunch, sundaes, milkshakes, coffee bar, etc., while enjoying the vintage décor.

day trip 1

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Charlie’s Coffee House: Feeling sleepy? Stop by Charlie’s Coffee House for a morning pick-me-up. The décor echoes the famous Route 66 with stop signs, traffic lights, and  furniture that harken back to road trip memories. Try the green tea macha latte, iced coffee, or Frappuccinos. The breakfast burritos also come recommended. There’s outdoor seating and room for the kids.

The Battery Books & Music: Go hunting for used books and CDs at this charming bookstore. Since 2010, The Battery has been providing music, jewelry, and clothing to South Pasadena. You can also go in to trade and buy books, or to enjoy live music when it’s scheduled.

South Pasadena Farmers’ Market: Every Thursday of the year, you can stop by the South Pasadena Farmers’ Market (except on Thanksgiving). Head over to the Gold Line South Pasadena Station (the market is located at Meridian Ave and El Centro Street). For the past seventeen years, the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has been running the farmers’ market. The market features local produce and local vendors. It also features the Farm to Table Tour by Toyota and was named “Best Evening Farmers’ Market”by LA Weekly and “Best Farmers’ Market” by Pasadena Weekly. Additionally, the market provides fresh fruits and vegetables through the Nutritional Assistance Programs and Cal Fresh. Don’t forget the free public events, including the Earth Day Celebration, the Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Safety Fair.

day trip 2

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Garfield Park: Before the sun goes down, travel over to Mission Street and Park Avenue to enjoy the outdoors at Garfield Park. Take the kids; there’s a playground, gazebos, barbeque, picnic, tennis court, etc.

Arroyo Seco Park: If you’ve already been to Garfield Park, or if you are feeling really adventurous, head over to Arroyo Seco Park on Via Marisol. It also features a playground, picnic areas, barbeques, etc. You also go hiking at Arroyo Seco Park and enjoy the Arroyo Seco Stream.

South Pasadena Historical Museum: Learn more about the San Gabriel Valley at the South Pasadena Historical Museum. The museum is housed in the Meridian Iron Works building, which originated in 1887 and was a grocery store. It then became a hotel and a blacksmith shop. Today, the museum is run by the South Pasadena Preservation Society and is free to the public. It sometimes offers screenings of outdoor movies on the grass. You can take a tour of the museum and stop at the gift shop. Remember, the museum is open on Saturdays and Thursdays and is located at Meridian Ave.

day trip 3

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South Pasadena and the Tournament of Roses Parade

Get ready for next year’s Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California on January 2, 2017 at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time. The Rose Parade will be turning 128-years-old! This year, South Pasadena will be putting together the float Never Give Up, designed by South Pasadena resident Anne Mueller. The design features the classic story of the tortoise and the hare.

South Pasadena Rose Parade 1

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South Pasadena is known as home of The Oldest Self-Built Float in the Rose Parade. The South Pasadena 2016 float, named Fishing Follies, won a National Trophy. Last year’s theme was Find Your Adventure. The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee works every year to create a float, with the help of volunteers, and represent South Pasadena’s hometown charm in the Rose Parade.

The Tournament of Roses and the Rose Bowl Game have been an American New Year’s celebration since 1893. Remember, the event never takes place on Sundays, because in the 19th century, residents’ horses that were parked on the street outside of churches would have been disturbed by the parade. The Rose Bowl Stadium is home to the rose bowl, which is the college football game known as “the granddaddy of them all,” since 1902.

Each year, the non-profit organization The Tournament of Roses Association puts together the event with the help of 935 volunteers, known as “White Suiters.” Volunteers are all residents of Pasadena, who live within a 15 mile radius of Pasadena City Hall. The Tournament of Roses Association is headquartered at the Tournament House, formerly the Wrigley Mansion.

South Pasadena Rose Parade 2

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If you’re in the South Pasadena area, you can visit the All-America Rose Selections’ test gardens at the Tournament House. There are also exhibits in the house on the history of the Rose Parade.

For the 2017 Rose Parade, the theme Echoes of Success has been selected by Brad Ratliff, the President of The Tournament of Roses Association. Every year, there is also a royal court of the parade, the queen and king, and a Grand Marshal. Last year’s Grand Marshal was Ken Burns, the documentary filmmaker.

South Pasadena Rose Parade 3

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To help raise money to create the float each year, The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee puts on fundraising events in the community. The events for the 2017 float include Wine & Beer Tasting, a Golf Tournament, Cruz’n for Roses Hot Rod & Classic Car Show, and Crunch Time Party.

Look for tickets to these fundraising events on the South Pasadena Tournament of Roses website here: You can also assist in decorating the float! Look for details on volunteering on the website as well. The float is decorated and constructed with the assistance of volunteers. Additionally, the public can submit float designs through the website.

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South Pasadena’s Hometown Charm

South Pasadena’s Hometown Charm

While exploring Southern California, don’t forget to take a look at South Pasadena real estate. You’ll fall in love with the small, hometown charm of this city. Within Los Angeles County, South Pasadena is bordered by Los Angeles and Pasadena. This city, that covers approximately 3.5 square miles and is home to about 26,000 people, is located in the West San Gabriel Valley.

South Pasadena 1

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Here are some reasons why South Pasadena is a charming hometown:

Tournament of Roses Parade: The city won the National Trophy for the Fishing Follies float in 2016.

Cawston Ostrich Farm: Since 1886, South Pasadena has been home to the first ostrich farm in the country. Once upon a time, guests would ride ostriches at the farm. Now, it’s a cultural landmark.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain: For over 100 years, this pharmacy and soda fountain has been located at Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue (on the historic Route 66) in South Pasadena. Enjoy sundaes, milkshakes, coffee, lunch, and breakfast in vintage décor in this blast from the past.

Rialto Theater: This historic place is a one-screen movie theatre, built in 1925. It seats 1,200 movie goers and includes an orchestra pit. The new owner is planning on making it into a bar.

South Pasadena 2

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Film History: Because of its American, hometown charm, South Pasadena has been the location of many movies, including The Terminator, Legally Blonde, Back to the Future, 13 Going on 30, and much more.

Charlie’s Coffee House: Stop in for a green tea macha latte, a frappuccino, iced coffee, or iced mochas. This coffee shop o Monterey Road is decorated like a highway, with stop signs and traffic light signs and vintage furniture. The burritos are great, too. Bring the kids and enjoy the outdoor seating.

South Pasadena 3

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Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen: One of the best things about South Pasadena is the presence of small businesses. This family-owned grocery (since 1968) store features an organic juice bar, vitamins and supplements, and specialty groceries. This sustainable business also offers wine and vegan and gluten-free beer!

The Battery Books & Music: No town is complete without a good bookstore. Since 2010, this small business has been selling books, music, clothing, and jewelry. Come in to buy, sell, and trade books, or to enjoy the live music events.

Garfield Park: Enjoy the beautiful California weather with a day outdoors. Garfield Park on Mission Street and Park Avenue offers a playground, tennis courts, gazebos, picnic areas, and more for families to use.

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Eldred Street in Mt. Washington: the Steepest Street in L.A.

At Real Estate Unlimited, we’ve decided to explore Eldred Street in Mount Washington to learn more about this legendary slope.

Built in 1912, and named after Delos W. Eldred, Eldred Street in Mount Washington is one of the steepest streets in the world. Eldred Street has a 33% grade and rises 219 feet in elevation. This long slope was made into a street before Los Angeles limited streets to 15% grade or below in the 1950s. That’s actually less than half of the grade of Eldred Street!

Eldred St 1

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Because of these limitations, a street this steep will never be built in L.A. again. According to Tom of the YouTube show Tom Explores Los Angeles, Eldred Street is the steepest drivable street in California. It’s even steeper than any street in San Francisco! Even Fargo Street in Echo Park in Los Angeles does not have as steep of a grade as that of Eldred Street.

Mount Washington, a neighborhood in the northeast region of Los Angeles and the San Rafael Hills, is bordered by downtown L.A., Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, Highland Park, and Cypress Park. It was founded in 1909 and is surrounded by Mt. Washington, Mount Baldy, and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Eldred St 2

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This steep slope runs between Avenue 50 and Cross Avenue. Many urban legends about scared motorists and runaway cars are associated with this famous road. In fact, Eldred Street dead ends, which means you have to go up and come back down the slope, whether you’re prepared to do so or not! Luckily, locals are known to help scared tourists make the drive back down. Tourists often panic at the top of the street because they cannot see much farther than the front of their cars when traveling down.

Surprisingly enough, only special trash trucks can make their rounds on Eldred Street. These trucks are smaller than the normal ones, to avoid the risk of flipping over. Many trucks get stuck when trying to turn out of Eldred Street. Eldred Street is notorious for confusing visitors following their GPS, people trying to make deliveries, and the postal service. In fact, mailmen no longer make delivers on Eldred Street; instead, there’s a group mailbox at the bottom of the street.

E;dred St 3

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At the dead end of Eldred Street, you’ll find a set of wooden stairs that will lead you to Cross Avenue. Watch Tom Explores Los Angeles to find out more about this famous street. To find out more about Mount Washington, read more about the neighborhood by visiting Self-Realization Fellowship in Mt. Washington and the Southwest Museum of the American Indian.  

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Eagle Rock Restaurants, Night Life and Entertainment

Looking for something to do in Eagle Rock? There’s always something out there for everyone in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock in Northeast Los Angeles, California. Below are a few popular options to choose from.

Black Boar

This bar, located near Trader Joes, serves strong drinks and craft beer. The atmosphere is what makes it unique, including taxidermy, a fireplace, and farmhouse tables. This 1400 square foot bar doesn’t serve food, so be sure to eat before or after coming in. Locals like this spot for the jukebox and the great service.

1630 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock restaurants1

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The Eagle Rock Lounge

The Eagle Rock Lounge is a mix of a sports bar and a gastropub. Many customers stop by to watch games on the televisions and the projector screen. Others love listening to the jukebox and using the Wi-Fi. You can also stop by The Eagle Rock Lounge for cocktails, wine, wings, and bottomless mimosas on the weekends. The bar also features board game nights, retro video games, a tap takeover once a month, and a happy hour every weekday. If you’re feeling hungry, try the salads, flatbreads, burgers, bruschetta, chicken chimichurri, and more.

1954 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

All Star Lanes

This bowling alley is a favorite of locals in Eagle Rock who enjoy bowling at the 22 lanes, drinking at the cocktail lounge, and singing karaoke. Customers of all ages can enjoy bowling here, as well as pool, arcade games, and performances of local music. Don’t forget to stop by for the food: chicken wings, salad, fish and chips, chicken tenders, burgers, fries, etc.

4459 N Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Street Food Cinema

Are you a movie fan? If so, then you definitely have to check out the Street Food Cinema event in Eagle Rock. This event features pop-up movie screenings accompanied by gourmet food trucks and local music. Welcome to the drive-in of the future! Producers Heather Hope-Allison and Steve Allison (of TIL Lifestyle Marketing and Events) created this event back in 2012 to celebrate their love of movies and of food. As the largest outdoor movie series in the city, the event features DLP projection, high-definition quality, and QSC speakers and subs.

Take your family and your dog to this outdoor event, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The Street Food Cinema is hosting a screening of The Addams Family in Eagle Park in October this year and food from Street Kitchen LA will be available.

Eagle Rock restaurants2

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Curve Line Space

Curve Line Space is an art gallery, custom frame store, and a music venue. Tim Yalda is known for great service and amazing custom framing, as well as for booking great bands in his space. L.A. Weekly called Curve Line Space the “best jazz room that’s also a frame shop.” Stop by this venue for the jazz series or the Thursday music series.

1577 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock Music Festival

The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a celebration of local music, art, and food specific to the Northeast Los Angeles area. The festival works with local business owners to feature of the best of the neighborhood. Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar sponsors the venue, and the event is organized by Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. The next festival will take place in Spring 2016.

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New Contemporary Construction in Mt. Washington

I am happy to present to you a brand you contemporary construction in Mt. Washington, CA.  This 3 bedroom 4 bath was erected on an empty hillside lot. Here is a snippet from the MLS description:

A perfect blend of contemporary elegance & high efficiency. This newly constructed beauty sits high-atop the hillside of desirable Mt. Washington area. Boasting views of the magnificent Los Angeles skyline from every room. From the chef’s kitchen with custom cabinets, quarts countertops, smooth-running pullout drawers & Viking appliances – to the balcony off the luxurious master suite. Other features include over-sized pivot-hung front door, spacious living room with vaulted ceilings & stylish energy saving linear fireplace, bamboo flooring, quality marble, glass, and ceramic tile appointments throughout,front door intercom and motion sensor security system, central air, attached two-car garage with brushed aluminum steel door, built-in electrical vehicle charger and much, much more!

The property is currently listed at $919,000.  You can view more information about the property on the listing website, Please contact me for showing instructions!

2019 N Berendo St Los Angeles, CA 90027


List Price: $ 1, 149,000

This lovely four-bedroom, four-bath 2-story Los Feliz real estate property for sale is located in the popular Franklin Square neighborhood.

The 2,200 sq. ft. single family home is designed with an English style influence. It has a spacious living room with fireplace that opens to the dining room. The master bedroom and the 2 bedrooms and their corresponding baths are all newly renovated. The entire house is built with a central air conditioning and heating system.

This 1920’s property features a swimming pool with open and covered patios. Aside from the 4 bedrooms, there is another room that leads out to the yard; making it a perfect game room.

The property is a beauty inside and out. It has a great location that is blocks away from the great shopping and dining spot of Vermont and Hillhurst Avenues.

Interested In This Los Angeles Real Estate Property?

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2101 Park Dr Los Angeles, CA 90026

List Price: $925,000

Property details:

This 3-bedroom, 2-bath 1950’s Echo Park real estate property for sale is located near Elysian Park. It is outsized in style and great design with curvilinear lines and Streamline Moderne references.

This house for sale boasts of a white-wall living room with commanding window walls which opens to a spacious balcony with a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean – makes you feel like you’re aboard an ocean liner. All rooms have access to the wonderfully designed patio.

Additional features include an automatic gate, exterior security lights, and 2-door garage good for 2 vehicles.

Interested In This Los Angeles Real Estate Property?

Are you interested in this Echo Park, Los Angeles Real Estate property? Contact one of our Echo Park real estate agents. Get a free consultation, answer questions, or set up a walk though by calling Real Estate Unlimited Agency, toll free at 213-923-8797 , or contact us online.

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1428 Laveta Ter, Los Angeles (City), CA 90026

List Price: $779,999.00

Property Details:

This contemporary Echo Park real estate property for sale is centrally located in the area. It is just a walk away from local cafes and restaurants, the newly renovated Echo Park and of course, the Dodgers Stadium. Access to Downtown LA is easy because do you not have to pass the freeway.

Built in the 1920’s and renovated 2 decades later, the 1,596 sq. ft. house has three spacious bedroom and 2 full baths. The large kitchen has tile countertops and lots of cabinet space for storage. There is a stairway which leads down to a bonus basement room. The huge back yard has lots of fruit trees and plenty of space for family events and bonding with friends and guests.

Interested In This Los Angeles Real Estate Property?

Are you interested in this Echo Park, Los Angeles Real Estate property? Contact one of our Echo Park real estate agents. Get a free consultation, answer questions, or set up a walk though by calling Real Estate Unlimited Agency, toll free at 213-923-8797 , or contact us online.

*This property is not a current listing of Real Estate Unlimited, but if you are interested in taking a look, please contact us at 213 923-8797.

echo park real estate for sale

echo park real estate for sale

echo park real estate for sale

echo park real estate for sale

echo park real estate for sale