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Moving? Make a Deposit at a Furniture Bank!


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Holiday season is almost here! Many people feel inspired to give during this special time of year, whether through offering warm clothing to a winter coat drive, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or giving to a favorite charity. In this post, we’re going to talk about nonprofit organizations that take a unique approach to helping people in need.

People in the process of moving often struggle to discard their used furniture, but they don’t want to waste time and money packing and hauling bulky items when they can buy new. One solution is to find a drop-off site for a charity like Goodwill. Habitat for Humanity has recently opened ReStore outlets to offer donated furniture at low cost. These donations are valuable, but they can also create administrative challenges. Furniture is bulky, and many thrift and secondhand charities face storage and sorting issues. On top of that, it’s difficult to cart a sectional sofa or bedroom set across town to a drop-off site, especially during business hours.

If you’d like to learn more about resale and thrift stores in the Los Angeles area, check out our post about top vintage outlets in Echo Park!

Furniture banks have emerged as a nationwide alternative to nonprofit secondhand stores. Assisting people who are homeless or in transition, furniture banks provide them with durable, good-quality furniture and housewares. They may be moving from temporary or shelter housing into a more permanent situation, or starting over with few personal possessions. Often without funds to purchase furniture, they’re in desperate need of basic items such as beds, chairs, kitchen tables, and refrigerators. Your gently used furniture can help these people transform their new houses into homes.

Furniture banks also work hard to ensure a painless donation process. You don’t have to worry about transporting your furniture yourself – just call the furniture bank for a pickup, and they’ll show up at a convenient time and remove your gently used furniture.


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These nonprofits are generally happy to take a wide range of items. Beds, couches, desks, silverware, kitchen and home appliances, lamps, and rugs are all in demand. Even accessories like throw blankets and artwork may be handy – many furniture banks make it their mission to create comfortable, welcoming living spaces for their clients.

If you’re moving offices or upgrading your office suite, consider donating desks, chairs, or electronics – especially personal computers. Many furniture bank clients are job seekers and families with school-age children, making these donations high-priority. Cribs, changing tables, playpens, and child-size furniture are extremely useful and often scarce, and furniture banks may gladly take any gently-used toys or picture books to pass along to kids.

If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to get involved in your community, check out this post about the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market!

How are furniture banks different from conventional nonprofit resale stores? Instead of storing donated items in a secondhand showroom so that they can be sold to raise funds, furniture banks manage the donation process to ensure that donated furniture is quickly gifted on. Your furniture becomes part of a new living space right away.

The Furniture Bank Association of North America will provide you with information on furniture banks in your area, as well as detailed information about how furniture banks work and what they accomplish. Vietnam Veterans of America is a nationwide nonprofit that provides a variety of services to veterans. VVA operates a stellar pickup service. They accept furniture, appliances, and housewares as well as clothing and other goods.

You may also want to check out the Virtual Furniture Bank, which operates solely online. Since they match every donation with a client prior to pickup, they have no warehouse, working to coordinate pickup and delivery with a trusted list of contractors. is a more general trade and gift site for used items, but individuals and nonprofits seeking donations check the site often. You can search for a Freecycle virtual bulletin board for your area. In addition, many conventional nonprofit resale stores are responding to demand by offering improved pickup options, so you may want to check to see what kind of assistance they provide.

Furniture banks generally have FAQs to help keep donors informed, but these are some guidelines to remember. First, most furniture banks prefer donations in “new” or “gently-used” condition. If it’s dilapidated or broken, it probably isn’t desirable. Furniture bank employees may be able to advise you on the best way to dispose of furniture that can’t be donated. You can help by cleaning any donated item before pickup. You’ll save volunteers a lot of time and ensure that your donation looks its best for its new family. Finally, consider volunteering yourself! Many furniture banks are overjoyed to have another pair of hands.

If you’re not looking to offload any furniture or housewares just now, furniture banks are also happy to take cash donations, especially during the holidays. They’re always grateful for a “like” or share on social media accounts, so please don’t hesitate to spread the word about this innovative approach to giving!

Berendo Stairs to Griffith Observatory in Los Feliz

Looking for some adventure in Los Feliz? Try finding all of the hidden staircases in Los Angeles, starting with the Berendo Stairs that lead to the Griffith Observatory. Spending a day on a walk looking for a hidden staircase is a great opportunity to get some exercise and mix up your daily routine.


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Los Feliz is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that covers approximately two and half square miles. It is bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood. It was originally Rancho Los Feliz, and it eventually became the birthplace of Mickey Mouse when Walt Disney drew the famous character in his uncle’s garage. Los Feliz is also the home to Disney’s first animation studio and many celebrities who live there. You can view two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs in Los Feliz: the Ennis House and the Hollyhock House.

The entrance to the Berendo Stairs (created in 1924) is located at Berendo Street and Cromwell Avenue. The stairs are recognized by the city as having historical status. There is a resting stop at the midpoint of the stairs (there are 181 steps in total) where there are two benches to sit on. This is a beautiful and romantic spot in the summer, covered by bougainvillea flowers.


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To get to the Griffith Observatory, make your way up the Berendo Stairs, go up a second set of stairs, and eventually you’ll come across a dirt path that will take you to the observatory. From the Griffith Observatory, you’ll be able to see the Hollywood Sign and Downtown L.A. Eat-n-Explore has some detailed directions here.

The Griffith Observatory, which opened in 1935 and was renovated in 2002, is named after Colonel Griffith J. Griffith. It covers about 3,000 acres of land and features an art deco interior and educational displays on astronomy. Admission to the observatory is free. You can also view the Ennis House from here, which was built in 1924 and was featured in the film Blade Runner.

If you haven’t done so already, spend some visiting Griffith Park. It covers about 4,000 acres, and it has a lot to offer for those with different activities and interests in mind. People go to the park to play tennis, hike the trails, use the equestrian trails, have picnics, ride the train, and go golfing. You can also see the Hollywood Sign from the park, visit the Los Angeles Zoo, and see the Autry National Center. The park is open between 5:00 pm and 10:30 pm.

Here are some other “secret” staircases to put on your list as you explore L.A.:

-Music Box Steps

-Baxter Stairways

-Santa Monica Stairs

-Beachwood Canyon Stairs (This one is 800 steps!)

Have fun exploring the stairs in Los Angeles!

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Plan a Day Trip to Highland Park

Just the right size for a day trip, Highland Park is a mix of hip new locales and authentic cultural landmarks. In this post, we’ll help you plan the perfect outing in this vibrant historic neighborhood.

day trip Highland Park

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Café de Leche

Start your day at this bustling coffee shop. If you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up, the Horchata con Espresso is a creamy twist on two classic drinks. Caffeine-free customers can enjoy specialty teas like Los Tres (a blend of chamomile, rosehip, and peppermint) or choose from a selection of bakery treats. If you’re on a family outing, Café de Leche boasts a play space with games and toys.

Pop Hop Bookstore

Pop Hop is a small but expertly-curated selection of literature, art, printmaking, and small-press books. The quirky, friendly location is the perfect place to browse, and you can pick up souvenir postcards handmade by local designers. If you’re interested in learning about printmaking, check out the small studio in the back, where associates offer classes in everything from silkscreen to zines.

Wombleton Records

Don’t be fooled by its steampunk exterior – Wombleton Records is the place to go for rare LPs and 12” singles. The owner is a world traveler, and Wombleton’s catalog reflects the same eclectic, international vibe. Their Facebook page lists events with veteran DJs and musicians, as well as frequent trunk sales from the owner’s latest excursion abroad.

Lunch Break:

With so many delicious options to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong in Highland Park. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites:

Galco’s Old World Grocery

Galco’s was founded in 1897 as an Italian deli and grocery store. In 1995, son John F. Nese took over from his father and introduced a new specialty: small-batch sodas. At the Creation Station, a towering rack of Italian syrup flavors, you can even make your own personalized drink. Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy ginger beer or a traditional sarsaparilla, you’ll find something to quench your thirst.

Galco’s also hosts events like their annual Summer Soda Tasting this July 31, where you can rate new soda flavors and enjoy live music. Recently, Atlas Obscura engineered “Pop and Plumage,” a collaboration between Galco’s and the Moore Lab of Zoology. Galco’s authentic deli counter is still going strong, so you might want to pick up some antipasti to eat in the park.

Good Girl Dinette

The Good Girl Dinette is a stellar example of the culinary and cultural fusion that is so characteristic of Highland Park. Billed as a combination of “American diner” and “Vietnamese comfort food,” the Good Girl’s repertoire includes delicious banh mi and succulent bowls of pho, as well as creations like black pepper pork confit and maple coconut bread pudding.

The Greyhound Bar and Grill

If you’re in the mood for more traditional fare, the Greyhound Bar and Grill offers a tasty bar and sandwich menu as well as an impressive selection of craft beers divided into user-friendly categories like “Fruity” and “Crisp and Clean.” If you hit the Greyhound early in the day, you can peruse a breakfast menu with options as varied as a hearty English breakfast and eggs benedict on homemade corn bread. Right next door is the historical landmark Highland Theatre, which offers three- and four-dollar matinees.


The Old LA Certified Farmers’ Market

Highland Park boasts beautiful weather year-round, so your daytrip should include plenty of outdoor stops. The Old LA Certified Farmers’ Market is open all year, every Tuesday from 3 pm to dusk.  In addition to fresh produce, you’ll find cupcakes, salsa, honey, beeswax candles, and organic soap.

day trip Highland Park 2

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Figueroa Street

The OLACFM is also located just one block from busy Figueroa Street, a downtown thoroughfare home to Chez Antoine and Penny’s Burgers. Head to Tropical Fruit and Juices for a “vampiro” – a delicious Mexican cocktail that combines tequila and sangria – or a healthy detox smoothie.

Scoops Ice Cream Shop

Scoops offers a daily rotation of inventive flavors like mascarpone oreo and honey ginger. If you’re looking for a more complex concoction, try their green tea sake ice cream.  Consistently rated high on customer service and atmosphere, Scoops is the perfect place to get out of the afternoon sun.


Avenue 50 Studio

Avenue 50 Studio is a vibrant gallery that showcases work by emerging artists. With frequent events and exhibitions, you’re sure to see something new on every visit. Avenue 50 Studio also hosts workshops for aspiring creators in techniques like collage and life drawing.

La Cuevita

La Cuevita offers spicy Mexican food and cocktails, with a focus on imports like tequila and fernet. DJs spin nearly every night, so you can finish up your trip to Highland Park with dancing. Taco Tuesday serves up free tacos with cocktails. On Sunday, catch live jazz from local musicians.

The York

Can’t decide whether to go for drinks or a sit-down meal? The York has got you covered. Their deluxe craft beer menu and extensive wine list will please every palate, and so will their menu of reinvented comfort foods like sriracha wings with honey and cilantro.

With its exuberant downtown and thriving artistic and culinary scene, Highland Park offers something for everyone. Visit this unique Los Angeles neighborhood for a truly memorable cultural experience! If you are moving to Highland Park, feel free to contact Real Estate Unlimited.

Plan a Day Trip to South Pasadena

Not sure what to do this summer? Plan a day trip to South Pasadena, and enjoy parks, food, shopping, and more in this well-loved Southern California city. South Pasadena’s Hometown Charm is sure to impress.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain: For more than 100 years, Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain has been located at Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena on historic Route 66. Now, you can stop by for breakfast and lunch, sundaes, milkshakes, coffee bar, etc., while enjoying the vintage décor.

day trip 1

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Charlie’s Coffee House: Feeling sleepy? Stop by Charlie’s Coffee House for a morning pick-me-up. The décor echoes the famous Route 66 with stop signs, traffic lights, and  furniture that harken back to road trip memories. Try the green tea macha latte, iced coffee, or Frappuccinos. The breakfast burritos also come recommended. There’s outdoor seating and room for the kids.

The Battery Books & Music: Go hunting for used books and CDs at this charming bookstore. Since 2010, The Battery has been providing music, jewelry, and clothing to South Pasadena. You can also go in to trade and buy books, or to enjoy live music when it’s scheduled.

South Pasadena Farmers’ Market: Every Thursday of the year, you can stop by the South Pasadena Farmers’ Market (except on Thanksgiving). Head over to the Gold Line South Pasadena Station (the market is located at Meridian Ave and El Centro Street). For the past seventeen years, the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has been running the farmers’ market. The market features local produce and local vendors. It also features the Farm to Table Tour by Toyota and was named “Best Evening Farmers’ Market”by LA Weekly and “Best Farmers’ Market” by Pasadena Weekly. Additionally, the market provides fresh fruits and vegetables through the Nutritional Assistance Programs and Cal Fresh. Don’t forget the free public events, including the Earth Day Celebration, the Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Safety Fair.

day trip 2

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Garfield Park: Before the sun goes down, travel over to Mission Street and Park Avenue to enjoy the outdoors at Garfield Park. Take the kids; there’s a playground, gazebos, barbeque, picnic, tennis court, etc.

Arroyo Seco Park: If you’ve already been to Garfield Park, or if you are feeling really adventurous, head over to Arroyo Seco Park on Via Marisol. It also features a playground, picnic areas, barbeques, etc. You also go hiking at Arroyo Seco Park and enjoy the Arroyo Seco Stream.

South Pasadena Historical Museum: Learn more about the San Gabriel Valley at the South Pasadena Historical Museum. The museum is housed in the Meridian Iron Works building, which originated in 1887 and was a grocery store. It then became a hotel and a blacksmith shop. Today, the museum is run by the South Pasadena Preservation Society and is free to the public. It sometimes offers screenings of outdoor movies on the grass. You can take a tour of the museum and stop at the gift shop. Remember, the museum is open on Saturdays and Thursdays and is located at Meridian Ave.

day trip 3

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If you are moving to South Pasadena, feel free to contact Real Estate Unlimited. We also have listings for homes in South Pasadena on our website.

South Pasadena and the Tournament of Roses Parade

Get ready for next year’s Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California on January 2, 2017 at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time. The Rose Parade will be turning 128-years-old! This year, South Pasadena will be putting together the float Never Give Up, designed by South Pasadena resident Anne Mueller. The design features the classic story of the tortoise and the hare.

South Pasadena Rose Parade 1

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South Pasadena is known as home of The Oldest Self-Built Float in the Rose Parade. The South Pasadena 2016 float, named Fishing Follies, won a National Trophy. Last year’s theme was Find Your Adventure. The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee works every year to create a float, with the help of volunteers, and represent South Pasadena’s hometown charm in the Rose Parade.

The Tournament of Roses and the Rose Bowl Game have been an American New Year’s celebration since 1893. Remember, the event never takes place on Sundays, because in the 19th century, residents’ horses that were parked on the street outside of churches would have been disturbed by the parade. The Rose Bowl Stadium is home to the rose bowl, which is the college football game known as “the granddaddy of them all,” since 1902.

Each year, the non-profit organization The Tournament of Roses Association puts together the event with the help of 935 volunteers, known as “White Suiters.” Volunteers are all residents of Pasadena, who live within a 15 mile radius of Pasadena City Hall. The Tournament of Roses Association is headquartered at the Tournament House, formerly the Wrigley Mansion.

South Pasadena Rose Parade 2

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If you’re in the South Pasadena area, you can visit the All-America Rose Selections’ test gardens at the Tournament House. There are also exhibits in the house on the history of the Rose Parade.

For the 2017 Rose Parade, the theme Echoes of Success has been selected by Brad Ratliff, the President of The Tournament of Roses Association. Every year, there is also a royal court of the parade, the queen and king, and a Grand Marshal. Last year’s Grand Marshal was Ken Burns, the documentary filmmaker.

South Pasadena Rose Parade 3

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To help raise money to create the float each year, The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee puts on fundraising events in the community. The events for the 2017 float include Wine & Beer Tasting, a Golf Tournament, Cruz’n for Roses Hot Rod & Classic Car Show, and Crunch Time Party.

Look for tickets to these fundraising events on the South Pasadena Tournament of Roses website here: You can also assist in decorating the float! Look for details on volunteering on the website as well. The float is decorated and constructed with the assistance of volunteers. Additionally, the public can submit float designs through the website.

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South Pasadena’s Hometown Charm

South Pasadena’s Hometown Charm

While exploring Southern California, don’t forget to take a look at South Pasadena real estate. You’ll fall in love with the small, hometown charm of this city. Within Los Angeles County, South Pasadena is bordered by Los Angeles and Pasadena. This city, that covers approximately 3.5 square miles and is home to about 26,000 people, is located in the West San Gabriel Valley.

South Pasadena 1

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Here are some reasons why South Pasadena is a charming hometown:

Tournament of Roses Parade: The city won the National Trophy for the Fishing Follies float in 2016.

Cawston Ostrich Farm: Since 1886, South Pasadena has been home to the first ostrich farm in the country. Once upon a time, guests would ride ostriches at the farm. Now, it’s a cultural landmark.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain: For over 100 years, this pharmacy and soda fountain has been located at Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue (on the historic Route 66) in South Pasadena. Enjoy sundaes, milkshakes, coffee, lunch, and breakfast in vintage décor in this blast from the past.

Rialto Theater: This historic place is a one-screen movie theatre, built in 1925. It seats 1,200 movie goers and includes an orchestra pit. The new owner is planning on making it into a bar.

South Pasadena 2

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Film History: Because of its American, hometown charm, South Pasadena has been the location of many movies, including The Terminator, Legally Blonde, Back to the Future, 13 Going on 30, and much more.

Charlie’s Coffee House: Stop in for a green tea macha latte, a frappuccino, iced coffee, or iced mochas. This coffee shop o Monterey Road is decorated like a highway, with stop signs and traffic light signs and vintage furniture. The burritos are great, too. Bring the kids and enjoy the outdoor seating.

South Pasadena 3

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Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen: One of the best things about South Pasadena is the presence of small businesses. This family-owned grocery (since 1968) store features an organic juice bar, vitamins and supplements, and specialty groceries. This sustainable business also offers wine and vegan and gluten-free beer!

The Battery Books & Music: No town is complete without a good bookstore. Since 2010, this small business has been selling books, music, clothing, and jewelry. Come in to buy, sell, and trade books, or to enjoy the live music events.

Garfield Park: Enjoy the beautiful California weather with a day outdoors. Garfield Park on Mission Street and Park Avenue offers a playground, tennis courts, gazebos, picnic areas, and more for families to use.

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Mt. Washington Recreation Activities

Are you living in or visiting Mt. Washington in Los Angeles this summer? Take a look at some recreational activities you add to your list this season! Whether you’re looking for food, culture, nightlife, or the outdoors, there’s something for everyone.

L.A.’s Southwest Museum

Make your day cultural and visit the Southwest Museum of the American Indian. This museum has been around since Charles Fletcher Lummis (an anthropologist) started the Southwest Society and Joseph Scott funded the museum. Originally, the museum was opened in Downtown Los Angeles. The collection features art and artifacts of the Native Americans, of the Spanish Colonial period, and of the Western American genre.

The museum has been in Mt. Washington since 1914 and is run by the Autry National Center. The Southwest Museum is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument and stands at 234 Museum Dr, Mt Washington, Los Angeles. To get there, take the Metro Gold Line to the Southwest Museum Station.

Mt Washington recreation

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Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center

Located in East Los Angeles, the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center is a great resource for people living in the community and/or visiting. Located at 511 W. Ave. 46, Los Angeles CA 90065, this recreation center offers a children’s play area, a community room, barbeque pits, basketball courts, and an auditorium.

To learn more, check out the recreation center’s online activity guide for classes, afterschool programs, and other events. Parent’s Night Out happens every second Friday of the month and only costs $10. At this event, children have dinner and do activities while parents have date night. Other available activities include self-defense classes, music lessons, and afterschool programs.

Heidelberg Park

Feeling restless? Take a stroll in the park. Heidelberg Park, at San Rafael Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065, is overseen by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The beautiful landscape features a community succulent garden and examples of the California Walnut Woodland. The steep slopes of the mountains still foster black walnut trees.

Moon Canyon Park

For another option for a stroll in the park, head over to Moon Canyon Park. Located at 300 San Rafael Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065, this park is the perfect place to find a playground, have a picnic, and explore some walking trails.

Mt Washing recreation 2

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Verdugo Bar

Looking for a night out this weekend? Drop by Verdugo Bar at 3408 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles CA, 90065. It’s open Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 2 am, and on Saturday to Sunday from 3 pm to 2 am. This craft beer bar is in Glassell Park and offers game nights on the patio, music nights with DJs and themed music, and trivia nights. Enjoy the full bar, the food trucks, and the “To-Go” bottle menu.

LA River Kayak Safari

Do something new this summer and take a trip with the LA River Kayak Safari. Take a short drive to the Elysian Valley from Mt. Washington for this activity. The guides and instructors at LA River Kayak Safari take groups on a trip down the Los Angeles River. This urban river is filled with drinking quality water and is protected by the Clean Water Act. The company offers one easy trip and one other option that is more challenging. There are lazy river sections, as well as Class II rapids. This is a great activity for those looking to learn how to paddle.

Mt Washington recreation 3

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If you’re looking to buy and/or sell a house in Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, Real Estate Unlimited is here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us for your real estate needs.

Eldred Street in Mt. Washington: the Steepest Street in L.A.

At Real Estate Unlimited, we’ve decided to explore Eldred Street in Mount Washington to learn more about this legendary slope.

Built in 1912, and named after Delos W. Eldred, Eldred Street in Mount Washington is one of the steepest streets in the world. Eldred Street has a 33% grade and rises 219 feet in elevation. This long slope was made into a street before Los Angeles limited streets to 15% grade or below in the 1950s. That’s actually less than half of the grade of Eldred Street!

Eldred St 1

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Because of these limitations, a street this steep will never be built in L.A. again. According to Tom of the YouTube show Tom Explores Los Angeles, Eldred Street is the steepest drivable street in California. It’s even steeper than any street in San Francisco! Even Fargo Street in Echo Park in Los Angeles does not have as steep of a grade as that of Eldred Street.

Mount Washington, a neighborhood in the northeast region of Los Angeles and the San Rafael Hills, is bordered by downtown L.A., Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, Highland Park, and Cypress Park. It was founded in 1909 and is surrounded by Mt. Washington, Mount Baldy, and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Eldred St 2

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This steep slope runs between Avenue 50 and Cross Avenue. Many urban legends about scared motorists and runaway cars are associated with this famous road. In fact, Eldred Street dead ends, which means you have to go up and come back down the slope, whether you’re prepared to do so or not! Luckily, locals are known to help scared tourists make the drive back down. Tourists often panic at the top of the street because they cannot see much farther than the front of their cars when traveling down.

Surprisingly enough, only special trash trucks can make their rounds on Eldred Street. These trucks are smaller than the normal ones, to avoid the risk of flipping over. Many trucks get stuck when trying to turn out of Eldred Street. Eldred Street is notorious for confusing visitors following their GPS, people trying to make deliveries, and the postal service. In fact, mailmen no longer make delivers on Eldred Street; instead, there’s a group mailbox at the bottom of the street.

E;dred St 3

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At the dead end of Eldred Street, you’ll find a set of wooden stairs that will lead you to Cross Avenue. Watch Tom Explores Los Angeles to find out more about this famous street. To find out more about Mount Washington, read more about the neighborhood by visiting Self-Realization Fellowship in Mt. Washington and the Southwest Museum of the American Indian.  

At Real Estate Unlimited, our dedicated team is here to help you find a home in Los Angeles, or help you sell your home. Feel free to stop by and search home listings in Mt. Washington on our website.

Why Eagle Rock Is One of America’s ‘Hottest Neighborhoods’

Eagle Rock, a Northwestern neighborhood of Los Angeles, California was called “One of America’s ‘Hottest Neighborhoods’” by LA Weekly, and it’s easy to see why. Eagle Rock has many endearing and exciting features to consider if you are looking for a home in L.A. This hip neighborhood has a lot to offer.

Reasons Why Eagle Rock is a “Hot” Place to Live:

The food in Eagle Rock is amazing. There’s a wide variety of eateries, restaurants, diners, and bars. When you’re in Eagle Rock, you have to explore the dining and shopping on Colorado Boulevard. The famous restaurants and well-loved spots on this street include: Swork, Casa Bianca Pizza Pie, Spitz, Cindy’s, CaCao Mexicatessan, Café Beaujolais, and The Oinkster. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee, a traditional and delicious pizza pie, or a taste of Mexican cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Eagle Rock.

Eagle Rock Hottest neighborhood 1

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Don’t forget about the eateries on Eagle Rock Boulevard as well, including Patio Burgers & Beer, Auntie Em’s Kitchen, Ruby Bakery, Leo’s Tacos, and Senior Fish. Many of these eateries feature authentic local food and are loved by visitors and locals.

If you’re planning a visit to Eagle Rock, be sure to check out Fun Things to Do in Eagle Rock. Check out the used bookstores and innovative coffee shops that are unique to the area. Find and sample some of the best burgers in L.A., or attend a music festival and the Street Food Cinema movie screenings.

In addition to the great bites and fun things to do in the neighborhood, many residents of Eagle Rock praise the vibe in the neighborhood. Many describe Eagle Rock as a Los Angeles neighborhood with the feel of a small town. The neighborhood’s rich history (including the many Famous Residents of Eagle Rock) and its charming architecture add to the vibe.

Eagle Rock Hottest neighborhood 2

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Everyone appreciates a neighborhood that takes pride in its appearance, right? The community of Eagle Rock makes a point of keeping the neighborhood and the parks clean. It’s also a friendly place for pedestrians and families with dogs.

Besides the great features within Eagle Rock, one of the benefits of living there is being nearby all of the hottest places and cities. Eagle Rock is a short drive from Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, etc. This makes going to events in cities nearby, visiting family and friends, and/or commuting to and from work much easier.

Eagle Rock Hottest neighborhood 3

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As gentrification grows in Los Angeles neighborhoods, “hipster” scenes are appearing. Whether or not you identify with hipster culture, Eagle Rock and other L.A. neighborhoods have a lot to offer. These unique communities reflect passion about local/organic food, fair-trade coffee, art, music, education, and more.

Last but not least, many residents and visitors of Eagle Rock describe it as a safe and fun place to raise a family. If you have questions about homes in Eagle Rock, or if you are shopping for real estate in Los Angeles, feel free to contact our team at Real Estate Unlimited. You can search our listings of homes in communities in Los Angeles, including Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Mt. Washington, Elysian Park, Highland Park, and more.

Famous Residents of Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, a neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles, has had a long history with celebrity, including big names in Hollywood. Next time you’re in the San Rafael Hills or cruising down Colorado Boulevard, remember the history of one of the “hottest neighborhoods” in L.A.

Here are some of the biggest names who have lived in Eagle Rock:

John Steinbeck – You’ve more than likely grown up reading one or more of this famous author’s novels in school. Steinbeck, who wrote Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath, lived on Campus Road in Eagle Rock while serving as a lecturer at Occidental College.

Famous Eagle Rock 1

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Marlon Brando – One of the most famous actors of all time, with a face that breaks hearts, was married in Eagle Rock at his grandmother’s house. Brando’s appearances ranged from A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, Guys and Dolls, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and more.

Marley Shelton – This Hollywood actress attended Eagle Rock High School before landing roles in Grand Canyon, The Sandlot, Warriors of Virtue, Pleasantville, Sin City, Grindhouse, Never Been Kissed, and Bubble Boy. She also starred in the TV show Eleventh Hour.

Dalton Trumbo – One of the Hollywood Ten, Trumbo will forever be remembered in film history for penning the films Roman Holiday and Spartacus.

Lindsay Wagner – Wagner is now an adjunct professor at San Bernardino Valley College, but before that she was loved by her fans as Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman and in The Six Million Dollar Man. She lived in Eagle Rock as a student following her parents’ divorce.

Famous Eagle Rock 2

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Conrad Buff IV – This film editor worked on one of the most famous films ever made: the Titanic, Buff was also the film editor on Thirteen Days and Terminator 2, and worked as the visual effects editor on The Empire Strikes Back and Ghostbusters. His grandparents Mary and Conrad were famous children’s books creators in Eagle Rock and his father Conrad is an architect.

President Barack Obama – One of the most famous alumni of them all, Obama attended Occidental College. Other famous alumni include Luke Wilson, Terry Gilliam, and Ben Affleck. Affleck lived in Eagle Rock on Hill Drive while writing the screenplay Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon.

Famous Eagle Rock 3

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