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Sunset Junction in Silver Lake

Los Angeles has no shortage of poetic place names – and Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction is one example. Sunset Junction sits at the street junction of Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, both of which run from Sunset Junction down to the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset Junction

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Sunset Junction was once known as Hollywood Junction. In 1895, the Pasadena and Pacific Railway Company built an interurban rail line from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, whose route ran along Sunset Boulevard to Sanborn Avenue, where it swerved west along the current alignment of Santa Monica Boulevard.

In 1905, the Los Angeles and Pacific Railway, successor to the Pasadena and Pacific, built a new branch northwest along Sunset Boulevard from Sanborn Avenue as a shortcut to its already-built train line on Hollywood Boulevard, creating the junction that can still be clearly seen in the existing street layout. Rail service ceased on both lines in the nineteen fifties, but the graceful bend of the intersection still gives Sunset Junction a hint of early 20th-century elegance.

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Sunset Junction was also the site of the Black Cat Tavern, a historic gay and lesbian bar that was the site of one of the first protests by gay and lesbian activists, predating the 1969 Stonewall protest for two years. A Different Light Bookstore, a gay and lesbian bookstore and community space that eventually became a national chain with branches in New York City and San Francisco, was founded at 4014 Santa Monica Boulevard in 1979. The store functioned as a salon for the community, hosting readings by luminaries like memoirist Christopher Isherwood, beat poet Allen Ginsberg, surrealist novelist William S. Burroughs, and activist Larry Kramer.

From 1980 to 2011, Sunset Junction also hosted the Sunset Junction Street Fair, a bustling festival that closed off a large portion of Sunset Boulevard so that the gathered crowd could enjoy live music, food, street vendors, and carnival rides. Musical performers at the Sunset Junction Street Fair included Beck, Sleater-Kinney, the Supremes, and Chaka Khan.

Although the Sunset Junction Street Fair has shut down, revitalization is currently underway in Sunset Junction, with design firm All That Is Solid planning to create a giant iron saddle sculpture to serve as the center of a newly envisioned landscaped plaza at the intersection. Although the new sculpture was stalled for a few years, it is hoped like the public installation, named “BLOOMRS,” will be going up soon. Right now, Sunset Junction’s signal landmark is a large royal-blue signpost that towers above the intersection.

Sunset Junction2

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Due to recent urban renewal, as well as spiking interest in the Silver Lake neighborhood, Sunset Junction is currently attracting attention for its eclectic mix of hip coffee shops, casual-dining restaurants and vintage boutiques. The focal point of this micro-district is a rambling, rust-colored stucco building from the 1920s, host to a growing cohort of community businesses. Intelligentsia Coffee, a Chicago transplant known for the intensity of its dark-roast drip coffee and the graceful arabesques traced into the foam atop its cappuccinos, is a favorite for locals in search of a steamy caffeine fix.

Café Stella, a bustling French bistro, serves up golden-brown pommes frites, peppery coq au vin and succulent mussels. The Cheese Store of Silverlake, easily the best charcuterie and fromagerie in the city, is a standout delicatessen in the best Parisian style.  The Town and Café Bakery serves a menu of fresh rolls and pastries along with more substantial brunch fare like salmon cakes and omelettes. Pazzo Gelato serves up soft Italian ice cream, including crunchy pistachio and crimson raspberry sorbetto and more contemporary flavors like thai tea and salted caramel.

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Fashionistas and trendsetters will find plenty of tantalizing clothing and accessories at Sunset Junction. Upcycle headquarters Dean converts leather motorcycle jackets and members only windbreakers into stylish handbags and watchbands. Matrushka Construction combines clothing boutique with open studio, as owner-designer Laura Howe constructs elegant one-of-a-kind clothing onsite.  After dark, clubgoers line up outside the 4100 Bar, where you can sample cocktails in a luxurious, warmly-lit interior modeled after a Moroccan souk.

Los Angeles is legendary for its culture of constant reinvention, and Sunset Junction’s emerging market and nightlife scene is a sterling example. If you’re visiting Silver Lake, why not stop by the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica to sample a coffee, try on a one-of-a-kind jacket, or take in the sunshine and local color?

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Plan a Day Trip to Highland Park

Just the right size for a day trip, Highland Park is a mix of hip new locales and authentic cultural landmarks. In this post, we’ll help you plan the perfect outing in this vibrant historic neighborhood.

day trip Highland Park

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Café de Leche

Start your day at this bustling coffee shop. If you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up, the Horchata con Espresso is a creamy twist on two classic drinks. Caffeine-free customers can enjoy specialty teas like Los Tres (a blend of chamomile, rosehip, and peppermint) or choose from a selection of bakery treats. If you’re on a family outing, Café de Leche boasts a play space with games and toys.

Pop Hop Bookstore

Pop Hop is a small but expertly-curated selection of literature, art, printmaking, and small-press books. The quirky, friendly location is the perfect place to browse, and you can pick up souvenir postcards handmade by local designers. If you’re interested in learning about printmaking, check out the small studio in the back, where associates offer classes in everything from silkscreen to zines.

Wombleton Records

Don’t be fooled by its steampunk exterior – Wombleton Records is the place to go for rare LPs and 12” singles. The owner is a world traveler, and Wombleton’s catalog reflects the same eclectic, international vibe. Their Facebook page lists events with veteran DJs and musicians, as well as frequent trunk sales from the owner’s latest excursion abroad.

Lunch Break:

With so many delicious options to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong in Highland Park. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites:

Galco’s Old World Grocery

Galco’s was founded in 1897 as an Italian deli and grocery store. In 1995, son John F. Nese took over from his father and introduced a new specialty: small-batch sodas. At the Creation Station, a towering rack of Italian syrup flavors, you can even make your own personalized drink. Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy ginger beer or a traditional sarsaparilla, you’ll find something to quench your thirst.

Galco’s also hosts events like their annual Summer Soda Tasting this July 31, where you can rate new soda flavors and enjoy live music. Recently, Atlas Obscura engineered “Pop and Plumage,” a collaboration between Galco’s and the Moore Lab of Zoology. Galco’s authentic deli counter is still going strong, so you might want to pick up some antipasti to eat in the park.

Good Girl Dinette

The Good Girl Dinette is a stellar example of the culinary and cultural fusion that is so characteristic of Highland Park. Billed as a combination of “American diner” and “Vietnamese comfort food,” the Good Girl’s repertoire includes delicious banh mi and succulent bowls of pho, as well as creations like black pepper pork confit and maple coconut bread pudding.

The Greyhound Bar and Grill

If you’re in the mood for more traditional fare, the Greyhound Bar and Grill offers a tasty bar and sandwich menu as well as an impressive selection of craft beers divided into user-friendly categories like “Fruity” and “Crisp and Clean.” If you hit the Greyhound early in the day, you can peruse a breakfast menu with options as varied as a hearty English breakfast and eggs benedict on homemade corn bread. Right next door is the historical landmark Highland Theatre, which offers three- and four-dollar matinees.


The Old LA Certified Farmers’ Market

Highland Park boasts beautiful weather year-round, so your daytrip should include plenty of outdoor stops. The Old LA Certified Farmers’ Market is open all year, every Tuesday from 3 pm to dusk.  In addition to fresh produce, you’ll find cupcakes, salsa, honey, beeswax candles, and organic soap.

day trip Highland Park 2

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Figueroa Street

The OLACFM is also located just one block from busy Figueroa Street, a downtown thoroughfare home to Chez Antoine and Penny’s Burgers. Head to Tropical Fruit and Juices for a “vampiro” – a delicious Mexican cocktail that combines tequila and sangria – or a healthy detox smoothie.

Scoops Ice Cream Shop

Scoops offers a daily rotation of inventive flavors like mascarpone oreo and honey ginger. If you’re looking for a more complex concoction, try their green tea sake ice cream.  Consistently rated high on customer service and atmosphere, Scoops is the perfect place to get out of the afternoon sun.


Avenue 50 Studio

Avenue 50 Studio is a vibrant gallery that showcases work by emerging artists. With frequent events and exhibitions, you’re sure to see something new on every visit. Avenue 50 Studio also hosts workshops for aspiring creators in techniques like collage and life drawing.

La Cuevita

La Cuevita offers spicy Mexican food and cocktails, with a focus on imports like tequila and fernet. DJs spin nearly every night, so you can finish up your trip to Highland Park with dancing. Taco Tuesday serves up free tacos with cocktails. On Sunday, catch live jazz from local musicians.

The York

Can’t decide whether to go for drinks or a sit-down meal? The York has got you covered. Their deluxe craft beer menu and extensive wine list will please every palate, and so will their menu of reinvented comfort foods like sriracha wings with honey and cilantro.

With its exuberant downtown and thriving artistic and culinary scene, Highland Park offers something for everyone. Visit this unique Los Angeles neighborhood for a truly memorable cultural experience! If you are moving to Highland Park, feel free to contact Real Estate Unlimited.

Fun Things to Do in Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, a Northeastern neighborhood in Los Angeles, California is home to approximately 30,000 people. This bohemian influenced portion of L.A. spans 4.25 square miles and is blooming today with art galleries, cafes, eateries, fashionable thrift stores, etc. Feel like a star while exploring this hip town near Hollywood.

If you’ve never been to Eagle Rock, or you’re looking to revisit your favorite spots, take a walking tour of the neighborhood. Make your way down Colorado Boulevard and Eagle Rock Boulevard. This will give you the chance to explore Eagle Rock’s famous shopping and dining at a leisurely pace. There are many vintage diners, antique shops, furniture stores, and bookstores to find in this Californian town.

Casa Bianca Stop by this neighborhood favorite for a pizza pie. Just look for the huge “Pizza Pie” sign on the building. Casa Bianca has been around for over 50 years and was founded by Sam Martorana, who brought over his family recipes and pizza experience from Chicago.

Read Books This used book store has all of the charms of a small, unique book shop. Come in for secondhand books, magazines, book club night, open mic night, tutoring, etc. This store is known for the quality of the books, which are curated by the owner.

Eagle Rock fun 1

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Pat and Lorraine’s Are you a Tarantino fan? Then you have to visit the diner from the famous scene in his film Reservoir Dogs. Drop in this diner for coffee and breakfast, but make sure you’re hungry because the portions are large. This diner has been in Eagle Rock for more than 30 years. The Latino influenced menu features breakfast burritos, as well as traditional American cuisine. The food here is made with love.

Swork – Looking for a morning pick-me-up or some caffeine in the afternoon? Enjoy fair-trade coffee and tea at Swork, where you can connect to the WiFi and enjoy the community space started by Tricia Neal. This family café also features Sworkland, an indoor playground for children to enjoy while parents drink their coffee. This “interactive coffee bar” tests its drinks in its drink lab.

The Oinkster This “fast-casual” burger joint by Chef Andre Guerrero celebrates American cuisine in a location formerly known as Jim’s Burgers. These shakes, burgers, onion, rings, pastrami sandwiches (and more) are delicious. There’s even a $10-and-under menu for those seeking a more affordable option.

Eagle Rock fun 2

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Street Food Cinema Enjoy a movie on the inflatable screen with your family and even your dog. This movie event was started five years ago by producers Heather Hope-Allison and Steven Allison to celebrate the best movies, local food, and local music.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland This is more than just a shop; it’s a studio and art gallery as well where you can find crafts by independent designers and artists. Leanna Lin’s Wonderland prides itself on its kitschy style and curates everything “cute.” Come in to the DIY beading studio to work on your own creations.

Eagle Rock fun 3

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Peekaboo Playland Looking for something to do with the kids? Peekaboo Playland offers an indoor playground with slides, toys, and more. It’s also a popular spot for private parties and events.

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Eagle Rock Restaurants, Night Life and Entertainment

Looking for something to do in Eagle Rock? There’s always something out there for everyone in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock in Northeast Los Angeles, California. Below are a few popular options to choose from.

Black Boar

This bar, located near Trader Joes, serves strong drinks and craft beer. The atmosphere is what makes it unique, including taxidermy, a fireplace, and farmhouse tables. This 1400 square foot bar doesn’t serve food, so be sure to eat before or after coming in. Locals like this spot for the jukebox and the great service.

1630 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock restaurants1

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The Eagle Rock Lounge

The Eagle Rock Lounge is a mix of a sports bar and a gastropub. Many customers stop by to watch games on the televisions and the projector screen. Others love listening to the jukebox and using the Wi-Fi. You can also stop by The Eagle Rock Lounge for cocktails, wine, wings, and bottomless mimosas on the weekends. The bar also features board game nights, retro video games, a tap takeover once a month, and a happy hour every weekday. If you’re feeling hungry, try the salads, flatbreads, burgers, bruschetta, chicken chimichurri, and more.

1954 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

All Star Lanes

This bowling alley is a favorite of locals in Eagle Rock who enjoy bowling at the 22 lanes, drinking at the cocktail lounge, and singing karaoke. Customers of all ages can enjoy bowling here, as well as pool, arcade games, and performances of local music. Don’t forget to stop by for the food: chicken wings, salad, fish and chips, chicken tenders, burgers, fries, etc.

4459 N Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Street Food Cinema

Are you a movie fan? If so, then you definitely have to check out the Street Food Cinema event in Eagle Rock. This event features pop-up movie screenings accompanied by gourmet food trucks and local music. Welcome to the drive-in of the future! Producers Heather Hope-Allison and Steve Allison (of TIL Lifestyle Marketing and Events) created this event back in 2012 to celebrate their love of movies and of food. As the largest outdoor movie series in the city, the event features DLP projection, high-definition quality, and QSC speakers and subs.

Take your family and your dog to this outdoor event, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The Street Food Cinema is hosting a screening of The Addams Family in Eagle Park in October this year and food from Street Kitchen LA will be available.

Eagle Rock restaurants2

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Curve Line Space

Curve Line Space is an art gallery, custom frame store, and a music venue. Tim Yalda is known for great service and amazing custom framing, as well as for booking great bands in his space. L.A. Weekly called Curve Line Space the “best jazz room that’s also a frame shop.” Stop by this venue for the jazz series or the Thursday music series.

1577 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock Music Festival

The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a celebration of local music, art, and food specific to the Northeast Los Angeles area. The festival works with local business owners to feature of the best of the neighborhood. Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar sponsors the venue, and the event is organized by Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. The next festival will take place in Spring 2016.

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