How To Choose An Accent Wall

How To Choose An Accent Wall

echo park real estateThere are always good reasons to make a special wall that stands out with color. Choosing an accent wall is not that difficult for a room of your home or office. You can make this choice easily. You’ll see that real estate in Los Angeles has a great trend of accent walls with bright or cool colors.

If you are in a situation where you need to choose an accent wall, here are some tips you can follow:


  • Choose the focal point: Focal wall is the one that draws your maximum attention. It will give you the most impact. Look around your room with a relaxed mind, and see if there is any wall that catches your eye immediately.
  • Move into the room: This is another easy way to find an accent wall that pulls people into that room. Walk into your room, or ask a friend to enter your room, and quickly tell which wall attracts his or her eyes first. Indeed, this is the “special” wall in your room that will have dramatic impact.
  • Size of the wall also determines an accent wall. You should rule out very large wall because 20 feet long wall doesn’t give a pleasant feeling as you paint it with bright or cool color. los angeles real estate

Be mindful that you don’t choose an accent wall that is occupied with heavy art work, big moldings, or bearing many design elements.

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