Eaton Canyon Falls

Northeast of the greater L.A. area and Pasadena is Eaton Canyon Falls, a popular hiking destination. Clocked in at 3.5 mile round trip, with only 375 feet of elevation, the Eaton Canyon Falls trail is a short hike for a beautiful view. At the top of the hike lies the eponymous Eaton Canyon Falls,  Requiring no fee or permit, Eaton Canyon falls provides a pleasantly frugal opportunity for a great time outdoors.


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Just a quick jaunt from Los Angeles, Eaton Canyon Falls posses a rustic history in contrast to the bright lights of the city. The Eaton Canyon Falls earned the name“El Precipicio” by the Spanish settlers due to the steep gorges lining the canyon. Now, the canyon is known as Eaton Canyon after Judge Benjamin Eaton, the man who built the original Fair Oaks Ranch House just a short ways from Eaton Creek. Using the creek to irrigate his fields, Judge Eaton went on to grow grapes, raise livestock, and become a major proponent of the Mount Wilson Toll Road.

Today, the Eaton Canyon Falls provides a curious opportunity for visitors, or residents, to the Pasadena area. Starting in the accessible Eaton Canyon Nature Area, the trail to the Eaton Canyon Falls begins up a dry creek bed named Eaton Wash. This area of the trial is open, well-maintained, and quite an easy trip, popular with dog-walkers, families out for a stroll, or those interested in visiting the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. Pack the sunscreen, because this section of the hike is exposed to the sun with only a little bit of cover!

After a ways, the trail enters a small wood and meets at a junction with the Horse Trail. Keep to your left, and continue on for just over a mile. The trail will meet with the historic Toll Road, a dirt hiking trail running to the peak of Mount Wilson. Continue on left, and pass below the large white concrete bridge. At this point, the hike becomes more arduous, requiring criss-crossing the creek numerous times up a narrow canyon. Just a little ways further, and you’ve made it!


Photo Credit: Victor Leung


The Eaton Canyon Falls are more than worth the trip, providing a simple and august example of the San Gabriel Mountains’ ability to produce curiosities so close to the city. The canyon itself squeezes together, allowing only the creek to continue down from the trail’s summit into a 40ft waterfall. This waterfall feeds into a small pool just a short distance from the trail’s end. Not only is the waterfall a pleasant sight after the hike up, but the pool itself is frequented by hikers or residents seeking a cool dip in the pond after working up a sweat on the hike.

If you’re looking for a new adventure, a fun family outing, or the chance to see new sights, visit the Eaton Canyon Falls!

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