Echo Park Landmarks

Echo Park Landmarks

Echo Park is an area of Los Angeles that is steeped in history. The area boasts many famous landmarks that make Echo Park a wonderful and historical place to visit. Echo Park’s must-see spots include those of cultural, historical, and architectural interests. After enjoying these staples of Los Angeles, cap you adventure off by a trip to the newly renovated Echo Park Lake and enjoy the famous lotus beds.

The Edendale film studios harkens back to a day before Hollywood was equated to movie making. The studios hosted several famous silent movie stars, such as Mabel Normand and Fatty Arbuckles; one of the Edendale studios (Mack Sennett Studios) was the location of Charlie Chaplin’s first film and the first classic silent movie pie-in-the-face skit was also performed here.

angelino heights real estateIf you fancy something less synonymous with Hollywood but still historical, the Angelico Heights suburb is sure to thrill. Angelino Heights is located in the same business district as Echo Park and is a portal into the past. Founded during the boom of the 1880s, the suburb reflects the opulence of the time and contains more than fifty Victorian style homes and carriage houses. The 1300 block of Angelino Heights is a must-see as it is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places and upwards of ten of these homes are listed as cultural historic monuments by the city of Los Angeles.

The Echo Park Clubhouse is also of significant historical value, although little was known about the structure until very recently. Today, it has the distinctions of being the oldest recreational building in Los Angeles. The Clubhouse was built in 1908 and used as a center for children. It exchanged hands various times and was even threatened with demolition. In 2002, the small building was sold to the Saint Paul Episcopal Center, who still uses it today. The Echo Park Clubhouse can be found at 1004 Echo Park Avenue.

The landmarks above are just three of the many interesting sites to see in the Echo Park Area. Of course, Echo Park Lake, its lotus beds and the park’s stairways are also must-sees on any trip to the area.

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