Angelino Heights Real Estate

Angelino Heights Real Estate

angelino heights real estateIf you are looking for the perfect piece of Los Angeles real estate to call home, then perhaps you should consider Angelino Heights. This place has a lot of history behind it. In fact, it was the first to be recognized as one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods by being named as a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.

Angelino Heights is said to be the city’s second oldest neighborhood. It is home to many beautiful homes, not to mention that it is also very close to a number of prime Echo park locations.

Basic Architectural Information on Angelino Heights

Initially founded on 1887, this prime piece of Los Angeles real estate is famous for its prominently Victorian architecture. However, contrary to popular belief, the location has a lot more to offer in terms of architectural styles. It actually has the same architectural diversity as its Echo Park real estate counterparts.

By doing a quick look at the neighborhood, you will be able to find that it also has a number of Craftsman homes, Bungalow houses, Mission Revival houses, as well as Brownstone homes. There are even a few homes following the Streamline Modern design.

Demographic Information

Angelino Heights residents are mostly comprised of people of Central American and Mexican immigrants. It is not surprising then that no less than half of its residents speak Spanish. This figure is actually no different from the rest of Los Angeles area.

In terms of number of people living in a single household, you will find that this neighborhood is in no way congested. Around 25 percent of Angelino Heights residents live alone. Meanwhile, around 50% of them live in households with two to three people.

It is also important to mention here that Angelino Heights is not one of those neighborhoods full of children. This is not surprising since around 25% of its households are occupied by couples without children.

Looking up basic neighborhood information is crucial, especially if you are looking to move in to someplace new. This article presented a few of the things you need to know about Angelino Heights.