Bars and Lounges in Echo Park – Best Venues for Entertainment

Bars and Lounges in Echo Park – Best Venues for Entertainment

Knoecho park real estatewn for its strong sense of community and diversity, Echo Park is also a great neighborhood for bar hopping. Young urban professionals and hipsters mingle well with the ethnic communities, and, if you are looking into the real estate in Echo Park for a place to live, you will be happy to discover that everything is within short distance, entertainment included.

The local bars and lounges generally cater to a younger clientele, and the hip atmosphere is seldom completed by cheap prices. Seeing that the local patrons are so in touch with everything that is hip and cool, do not be surprised to hear a wild mix of music genres and be served with equally hip cocktails and drinks.

The Gold Room, for instance, is one of those bars where customers can enjoy freebies and great prices, as well as a clean atmosphere. Locals are in love with the place, and the service is friendly which counts a lot in anyone’s book. Besides the diverse Los Angeles real estate opportunities, being able to enjoy the good old times in a local lounge is one of the great pluses of Echo Park.

In case you are looking for a mellow atmosphere, El Prado may be another good choice for you. Here, you can enjoy a great selection of beer and wine, as well as great food. The great thing about the place may be, however, the fact that it is not very crowded. Spinning records on turn tables is a fixture here, and the DJ may just play your music if you ask them nicely.

The Grand Star Jazz Club is not, as the name indicates, only a place where jazz music is played. Actually, the DJs are quite fond of retro genres tributary to the 80s and the 90s, if that is what floats your boat. A place dedicated most to the niche music stage, it may not be for everybody but it is great for those wanting a bit of a retro experience.

echo-park-real-estateThe Short Stop is one of the most popular bars in Echo Park, especially because of its relaxed atmosphere. The clientele, as expected, is quite young, and representative for the local demographics. There is no restriction in regards to music genre enthusiasts here, as you can find metal heads next to goth and hip-hop dancers. In its very essence a dive bar, this caters to everyone enjoying decently priced drinks and a cool atmosphere.

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