Echo Park Architecture

Echo Park Architecture

echo park homesThe whole Los Angeles Real Estate scene is an amalgam of many different architectural designs. Just by doing a quick look at the various pieces of Echo Park real estate, one can see that there are a number of different styles out there on the market right now.

However, while there is a great variety on the Echo Park real estate market, one will also be able to see that there is still actually a dominant trend in the architectural design of the homes in that particular area. Namely, these architectural styles are the stucco, Craftsman, and the bungalow homes.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman homes are defined by their simplicity. They usually make use of local materials and do their best to make the most out of their locations. The house is usually positioned in such a way that it welcomes the natural light from the sun.

Stucco Architecture

Stucco has become a vital part of architecture. It has been used since ancient times and ensures the structure remains safe and stylish. There is very little difference between stucco and plaster. The main difference lies on their use as stucco is applied on a building’s exterior rather than its interior.

This type of material is commonly used for many Los Angeles real estate locations for a number of reasons. The material itself is sturdy as it is resistant to damage caused by fire or water. It can last for several years, saving home owners a significant amount of money that would have been spent on constant maintenance.

 Bungalow Homes

The bungalow home is a popular choice among Echo park residents. They are simple, affordable, and inconspicuous. Your usual bungalow home is compact and separated from other homes. It features a second story that has been built into the sloping roof. These houses are also known to have dormer windows.

If you are looking for a new home in the Echo Park area, then make sure that you pick the one with the architectural design perfectly suited for your needs. The 3 design styles presented here are just some of the Echo Park home architecture you can choose from.