New Echo Park Lake

New Echo Park Lake

Echo-Park-LakeIn 2011, Echo Park Lake began a complete renovation. In June of 2013 the new Echo Park Lake was unveiled to the public. The makeover cost around $45 million and this money was used to remedy the storm-water pollution problem that caused the lake to be named an impaired body of water in 2006. Echo Park Lake was completely drained and cleaned to fully combat the pollution problem.

The lake had become a significant health and safety problem and, throughout the renovation, workers found a wide-variety of objects that had been dumped in the lake and surrounding park. These newly re-discovered objects include a toilet, payphone, more than ten Frisbees, a few boom-boxes from the 1990s, hundreds of glass bottles,  construction cones, and even two guns.  Along with fixing health and safety issues and giving the park a good scrubbing, Echo Park Lake’s renovation has again made it a beautiful and fun place for residents to enjoy.

The New Echo Park Lake boasts a plethora of the park’s signature lotus plants, as well as a sprinkling of children’s playground equipment. Fountains shoot cooling water into the air as geese and ducks enjoy their new, clean, and beautiful surroundings. The lake itself was refilled and the clear, shimmering water is something that has not been seen in Echo Park Lake in decades. Old favorites have, of course, returned as the new pathways are once again lined with palm trees and the Echo Park Lake signature bridge has, once again, found its place straddling the glistening water.

The 29 acre park is now a haven from the bustle of Los Angeles and officials are hoping that it will once again become a meeting place for L.A.’s diverse residents. Even at the Lake’s opening, residents showed that they were eager to enjoy Echo Park Lake again as dogs played and families enjoyed their picnic lunches on the park’s lawns. Echo Park Lake is a wonderful escape from the monotony of everyday life; spend the afternoon having a picnic with friends or simply stop by for a small meditative moment.

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