Historic Filipinotown – Suburban Charm at Decent Prices

Historic Filipinotown – Suburban Charm at Decent Prices

echo-park-real-estateHistoric Filipinotown represents the southwest area of Echo Park, and it reflects the suburban charm one can find in many other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Contributing to Los Angeles real estate properties with its own fair share of craftsman’s houses and impressive Victorian homes, Historic Filipinotown in Echo Park is considered a hidden gem, right in the heart of LA.

This neighborhood is bounded by Hoover Street to the west, Glendale Boulevard to the east, Temple Street to the north, and Beverly Boulevard to the south. Traveling through it may seem a bit like a puzzle, but this contributes to its quaintness.

Despite the name, Historic Filipinotown is not populated by Filipinos only. While 10,000 residents of this ethnicity live in this area, their number is rather small, compared to the over 400,000 Filipinos calling LA their home. More Mexican and South Americans live here, and ethnic diversity is key here.

Echo Park real estate market is known for its suburban sprawl of Victorian houses, California bungalows, and craftsman’s pocket homes, and each of these architectural representations is present in Historic Filipinotown, as well.

The best part about the real estate Echo Park market here, however, is that the prices you would pay in this area are lower than in neighboring area. Home turnaround is convenient here, but you may need to shop around in order to find some deals, as the people living here, especially seniors, are not too keen on advertising their properties on Craiglist or other such venues.

On the Los Angeles real estate market, Historic Filipinotown has its own particularities. Some houses may need a bit of TLC, but the more convenient pricing than what you can see around on a regular basis contributes to its appeal. It also serves that the area is located just steps away from all the attractions on Sunset Boulevard, but you will not have to constantly fight the crowds to get there.

historic-filipinotown-real-estateNot that Historic Filipinotown does not have its own fair share of attractions on its own. The Filipino churches contribute to the ethnic character of the neighborhood, and ‘Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Pamana’, which is the largest Filipino mural in all the US can be admired here.

A neighborhood most appealing to artists and those in search of urban hidden gems, Historic Filipinotown offers great convenience to cultural activities and venues, such as the Bootleg Theater, the Doll Factory, and Remy’s Gallery.

Contributing to the Echo Park real estate with pocket homes and Victorian houses, Historic Filipinotown is a low key neighborhood, where people can find homes at decent prices, and still enjoy being in the middle of it all. The ethnic eateries, education opportunities, and the neighborhood’s cultural feel determine this suburb to have its own particular charm.

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