The Americana at Brand – A Lifestyle of Luxury

The Americana at Brand – A Lifestyle of Luxury

From the first stone placed at its foundation, The Americana at Brand was designed to be a shopping community, attracting people passionate about a certain lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the new community, having opened in 2008, has already shaped Glendale real estate, and many covet a place in one of the apartments and condominiums destined as living spaces inside the community.

los angeles real estateThe Americana at Brand tastefully combines the private living community (which includes 100 condominiums and 238 apartments) with a variety of shopping and dining options. The area where the retail shops are located is public, but certain rules must be complied with, such as the restriction of taking pictures. As part of the Los Angeles real estate market, this community is one of the most popular areas in the city, and not without reason.

The community is developed by the Los Angeles businessman Rick J. Caruso and his company, appropriately named Caruso Affiliated. It combines open spaces with spaces destined for private property in a way that allows expansion of the current businesses. Famous retail shops are represented in The Americana at Brand, and the community undoubtedly represents a highlight of the Glendale real estate market.

All in all, The Americana at Brand is a modern community, where different architectural styles, as well as different building materials, are combined. The concept design of the shopping community is inspired by the industrial era. An enormous steel elevator shaft is one of the focal points of the layout, and this pays homage to the designers of the past.

Caruso Affiliated also developed The Grove at Farmer’s Market, another important highlight of the Los Angeles real estate landscape. However, The Americana at Brand is distinct from The Grove in its aesthetic appeal.

Several high-end shopping and dining destinations represent the community, including Tiffany & Co., Katsuya, True Religion, Sur La Table, Kate Spade, Trattoria Amici, Calvin Klein, and many others. More than anything, The Americana at Brand represents a lifestyle of luxury, and, while not all stores and restaurants will break the bank, all are a symbol of living the American dream.

glendale real estateShopping and fine dining are not the only things representing the community. A musical fountain, Waters of Americana, resides in the middle of the outdoor shopping center, showcasing a beautiful hourly water show to the delight of passersby. A golden statue, representing a replica of the Spirit of American Youth (a statue designed as a tribute to the Americans who stormed the beach at Normandy during World War II), is placed atop the fountain. The statue is considered the symbol and focal point of The Americana at Brand.

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