Glendale Cruise Night

Glendale Cruise Night

Glendale Cruise Night is the most popular summer car show in Southern California. This year, Glendale Cruise Night is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 on Brand Blvd. Like every year, this event will have a lot of fun, live entertainment, community displays and fun activities for all ages. There will be approximately 400 pre-1979 cars on display. This is a fantastic opportunity to check out  classic cars and see how car owners maintain the performance and efficiency of their cars. That’s why it has been a most awaited show in Southern California.

los angeles real estateThe best part about Glendale Cruise Night is, it is absolutely free for all ages. Indeed, you will have a great chance to see 50,000 automotive enthusiasts on the streets of Downtown Glendale for one night. This event will allow you to have casual conversations and meaningful dialogues with the owners of old, but stylish cars such as Chevy Chevelles, Camaros, Nova, 66 Shelby Clone, and many more. All this will help you out how to keep cars new and fresh for a long time, how to upkeep them, and how to prolong the life of a vehicle. Information booths at Glendale Cruise Night are really helpful that explain you all the features of a car skillfully.

It is fun and easy to walk around the event and take photos of unique cars. You might find your teenage dream car or your childhood car among hundreds of old cars. You’ll have a golden opportunity to touch your dream car and recall teenage memories.

Here, you will also find all types of cars, from Triumph TR6 to Datsun 510, from new Mercedes Coupes to GTO. If you have a pre-1979 car, showcase it at annual Cruise Night event and make it extra special with your vehicle.

Like every year, there will be many sponsors of the event that surely introduce you with the unique products and high quality services they offer. This platform also provides great opportunities to sponsors to promote their business in a cool environment where people come from all segments of a society without any distinction of class.

glendale real estateIf you are looking for family fun and adventure in Glendale Cruise Night, corporate sponsors would offer you giveaways like every previous year. Live music will surely entertain you.

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