The Autry National Center

The Autry National Center

TheAutryThe Autry National Center is an important piece of Los Angeles real estate, as it helps people to become more conscious of their cultural identities. Originally founded as the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in 1988 by Gene Autry, the museum was established in order to create a sense of unity among the different peoples of the American West. It seeks to bring their different stories together.

This vital piece of Los Angeles real estate allows visitors to discover the different sides of the American West story. They also offer a means to new versions of well-established historical truths by taking into account the many varied perspectives on historical experiences. The museum also examines the age-old traditions and cultures that ultimately influence the construction of perspectives.

Over the years, this piece of real estate in Los Feliz has consistently played host to a number of thought-provoking exhibitions and numerous lectures. The subject matters for the events vary but they explore both historical and contemporary issues. Only by seeing both sides of the coin can the whole story of the American West be told.

What to Expect from the Autry Museum

  • The Griffith Park Collection – The Autry National Center’s Griffith Park Collection boasts of at least 21,000 items. It is as varied as they come, with the items ranging from sculptures and paintings, different textiles, clothes and costumes, to toys, musical instruments, and tools. The collection also has a notable set of firearms among others.
  • The American Indian Collection of Native American Art – The Autry National Center’s American Indian Collection of Native American art is perhaps among one of the most noteworthy art collections of its kind that you can find anywhere. It is certainly one of the most substantial collections on the subject that you can find in the United States. No other Native American art collection, except for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian, can best Autry’s assemblage.

AutryLogo_RGBThe Autry National Center’s American Indian Collection of Native American art has at least 238,000 pieces to its name. This would include the 10,000 pieces of ceramic items, along with the 6,300 pieces of textiles and weaving’s, the 14,000-piece basket set, as well as the 1,100 jewelry pieces.

The collection represents a number of different indigenous groups. While it focuses primarily on the cultures from California and the Southwest, the collection also boasts  items from South America and Alaska. It can be said that this is the Autry National Center’s crown jewel.

This piece of Los Feliz real estate makes it possible for everyone to link their pasts with today in order to better shape the future. The museum does this by giving the public film and art exhibitions, lectures, festivals, live music, theater, and family events. The Autry National Center also offers an educational outreach program, scholarships, as well as research grants for members of the community.

If you are serious about making your trip to Los Angeles as substantial as possible, then you need to make sure that you give Autry National Center a visit.