Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

los-angeles-zooThe Los Angeles Zoo was initially established in 1966. However by 2002, it officially changed its name to the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This is because the institution became a licensed botanical garden. Nowadays, this piece of Los Feliz real estate serves as home to all forms of exotic plants and animals.

The zoo stands on an important piece of Los Angeles real estate. Its land area measures at around 133 acres or 54 hectares. The zoo is considered to be public property. This means that the City of Los Angeles acts as its owner, exercising jurisdiction over the animals, the facilities and the land. This would make sense as it stands on a crucial piece of Los Angeles real estate. All of the people in charge of overseeing the zoo’s grounds maintenance, construction, administrative work, public information, education, and animal care are considered to be city employees.

la-zoo-elephantsThis prime piece of Los Feliz real estate boasts of a number of fun and highly educational activities for the whole family. The following are just a few of the exhibits, shows, and attractions that one can enjoy by visiting the Los Angeles Zoo.

  • Campo Gorilla Reserve – This reserve offers visitors with the opportunity to watch the western lowland gorillas interact with each other in the 1.5-acre complex. The reserve features a couple of glass observation windows to make this possible.
  • Elephants of Asia Exhibit – The exhibit complex features Asian elephants along with other indigenous wildlife from Southeast Asia. It can be found at the heart of the zoo and cost the city at least $42 million.

The complex itself is divided into a number of distinct areas. The main enclosure, which holds the elephants themselves, is around 3.8 acres. There is also a barn measuring at 16,000 square feet that is used for medical exams.la-zoo-koala

  • California Condor Rescue Zone (CCRZ) – The California Condor Rescue Zone is an especially designed play space. It was constructed to be fun and educational for children. The California Condor Rescue Zone teaches children 6 and above about the process of protecting the California Condors.
  • Botanical Garden – One can find all sorts of flora all over the zoo grounds. According to the latest data available, the Los Angeles zoo is home to no less than 7,400 plants, all belonging to over 800 species. The plants are divided into 15 distinct collections.

These are just a few of the things you can do once you visit the Los Angeles Zoo. It is the perfect place for the young and the young at heart. Everyone who hasn’t been to a zoo will surely be pleasantly surprised as the exhibits provide a ton of useful information. It also teaches children the central values such as loving nature and the importance of conservation.

If you are looking to have a fun and educational time with the kids, then make sure that you swing by the Los Angeles Zoo next time you go out. You will certainly be in for a treat.

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