How To Get Approved of a FHA Loan Even if You are Self-Employed.

Federal House Administration Loan is the most popular term for the first time buyers and the middle class income bunch of people. The process of getting a FHA Loan is different from the conventional method as the guidelines are entirely different and a thorough analysis is done before the approval.

Both the parties:- Borrower as well as the Lender needs to undergo the verification process in phases in order to reach the final stage. The verification can be in the form of tax returns and the employment history documents. As per the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a minimum of 25% and greater is the ownership interest of a self-employed borrower and he/she needs to apply with a FHA-Approved Lender to complete the proceedings as per the directives laid by the society.The approved Lenders are available easily at Online Database of HUD and are responsible for the reviewing and verification of the documents of the borrower if they meet the standards of the Guidelines or not.

Moreover, the income tax that the borrower pays should depict the nature of the business he/she is working for which are categorized into 5 sections as per the HUD:-

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Limited liability corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • “S” corporations

The must have criteria for any borrower applying for the loan is the stable self-employment from the last 2 years. If this criterion is not fulfilled, the alternative comes in the scene where the training period is a compulsion that will replace the 2 years of employment. So, if the employment time frame is for a year, a training period can replace the extra time and one can get the FHA Loan. The candidates with less than 1 year of experience faces a tough challenge and are not able to stand in the Queue.

Documents required to get through the procedure are not a pile of sheets. You just need to carry the proper income tax returns proof with all tax schedules which are applicable. Along with this, a Business Credit Report, Loss Statement, year-to-date profit and a well maintained balance sheet.

So, it’s a myth that signifies that FHA Loan is not approved if the person is self-employed. The target is met if the candidate follows the complete set of guidelines and is a genuine tax payer.

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