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Old Pasadena lies in the heart of L.A to the east of Arroyo Seco park. Old Pasadena is the cosmopolitan and commercial heart of Pasadena. Like many cities in the greater L.A. area, the neighborhood has a storied past, but today presents a wonderful opportunity to shop, peruse, and enjoy yourself in a recently renewed district.


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Old Pasadena began as a mecca of academics, industry, and art. Originally, the neighborhood had the zero/zero postal intersection of Fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. At that spot, the first business of the Indian Colony was established: J.D. Hollingsworth’s general store. At the beginning, the Indiana Colony (as Old Pasadena was originally titled) was a quiet farming community centered around Orange Grove Boulevard. As more settlers arrived, the community decided a schoolhouse was necessary to further the education of their children. The Fair Oaks schoolhouse was created, but quickly moved further outside of the town once the Indiana Colony’s town center became too busy to be safe for children.

The Indiana Colony continued to grow gaining a number of prominent buildings like the Hotel Carver, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, and the Castle Green. But by the 1930s the town begun to decline. By the 1970s, the neighborhood was unrecognizable to those living in or near the district today: low-income housing, failing businesses, and all of the crime and strife that comes with hard times in an urban environment. However, the neighborhoods redemption came through the most unlikely of saviors. Parking meters. Hoping to control the sprawl of urban traffic in Old Pasadena, the city petitioned local business leaders to install meters with the added benefit of directing all meter revenue toward renovation of Pasadena.

Recently, Old Pasadena has reinvented itself as “The Real Downtown,’ a walking-friendly shopping district that can truly claim the title of Los Angeles satellite. Now an impressive place, the neighborhood boasts a hopping nightlife, bountiful shopping opportunities, and a level of safety and security that many neighborhoods would covet. Here are some of the opportunities available in Old Pasadena today:


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For those looking for a sip of something special, stop by the Bird Pick Tea & Herb. Based on a their grandfather’s stories of birds with acute senses and the ability to pick the finest tea leaves for nourishment, Bird Pick strives to offer a vast selection of teas and accessories discovered from around the world – some as far as China. Rooted deep in Chinese culture, Bird Pick strives to meet the new market of health-conscious lifestyles. Try unwinding at the tea bar, or pick up a bag of your favorite brew at Bird Pick.

At Lucky Brand, they know that jeans are much more than just denim and grommets. Aimed at free-thinkers, artists, and dreamers, Lucky Brand jeans claims to make jeans for dancing, working, jumping, and rocking. If you’re looking for denim with attitude, check out Lucky Brand.

Have a sweet tooth? Try Mignon Chocolate. Founded in 1910 in the Ukraine, the family run company traveled across the world (being known as the King of Chocolate in Iran) before arriving in Los Angeles in 2002. As third generation chocolatiers, Mignon’s is sure to satisfy any craving for coco!

These are just a sample of the hundreds of stores available in Old Pasadena. Stop by today to experience the old in a brand new way!

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