Real Estate Appraisal: Is it possible to get the appraisal without paying a penny?

A home appraisal is actually the written estimate of the home’s market value by a licensed appraiser. Well, the appraisal can be determined on various factors. These factors are inclusive of the location of your home, recent sales of the similar property in the locality. A home appraisal is required when a real estate property is sold, taxed or to get online mortgage insurance. Therefore, when you’re planning to put the house on sale, make sure you get a real estate appraisal without paying a penny.

Here are some of the points that you need to consider when you plan to get a free real estate appraisal:

1. Approach a real estate agent for a marketing analysis: Your real estate agent may provide free real estate appraisals to know about the market values of the home. Therefore, if you find that the market value appropriate, you can sell your property. Avoid market analysis if you’re not selling the property in near future.

2. Ask the bank or credit union: Make sure you ask the bank or credit union if they can help you to provide a good bargain. There are many banks that provide free real estate appraisals for people.

3. Check with different websites: You can check with the websites like Zillow, Homegain or for a free online home appraisal function that can help you estimate the home value. Well, this site may just give an approximate property calculation. This website may help you provide a general idea of what your home is worth.

4. Place a conversation deed on the property: Try to contact a local land trust in order to put a conservation deed on your property. However, these conversation deeds are monitored through independent and not for profit organizations. The independent body may keep the real estate appraiser as an employee, contractor or volunteer. The appraiser may perform a real estate appraisal after you place a conservation easement on your property to determine the actual value of the property. But there can be a subsequent decline in value of the property due to the placement of the conservation deed.

5. Contact a real estate appraisal school: You can visit a real estate appraisal school and ask them if they’re interested to use your home for practice appraisals. But you need to keep your door open for the students for their analysis for at least a day or two. But it can be a great way to acquire a free property appraisal.

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