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Famous Echo Park Del Mor Apartments to be Sold

Del Mor Apartments Echo Park, CA Del Mor Apartments, a 1920’s four-story Echo Park real estate property which currently houses 44 apartments, is in the process of being sold to Sherman Oaks Real Estate Investment company through M West Holdings.

Currently owned by Positive Investments of Arcadia, this iconic brick building is home to many established Echo Park shops selling organic produce, lattes, vintage clothing and other services. Del Mor is most famous for its appearance in the 1990’s film Mi Vida Loca, a film tackling Echo Park gang life.

Commercial tenants who currently occupy the 10 storefronts in the said building are worried about the future of their business once the sale is complete. Many of them do not have leases and pay their space on a monthly basis. Apartment residents however are protected by the city’s rent control laws.

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