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What direction should you install hardwood floors


Even the finest pieces of Los Angeles real estate need some home remodeling done from time to time. These home improvements are done in order to let the place better reflect the owner’s personality or to increase the property’s value. Fortunately, there are a number of easy projects that homeowners can do themselves.

Installing Hardwood Floors

Perhaps one of the most popular home improvement projects is installing hardwood floorboards. While it may seem like a challenge, we assure you that it most definitely is not. It is surprisingly simple, and gets easier as you go through the whole process.

One of the main things you need to consider as you undertake this type of project is the direction you want to install the hardwood floors. The following are some factors that directly affect the installation process.

  • Design Purposes – Installing the floor boards in various directions can have dramatic results in terms of the whole room’s design. Of course, homeowners are still given the option of installing it in a straight direction. However, this will do nothing for you in terms of enhancing the room’s floor design.

Homeowners have the option of running the boards in a diagonal fashion. There is also what design experts refer to as the herringbone pattern. These patterns go a long way in terms of creating an interesting floor plan for your precious piece of Los Angeles real estate.

  • Room Light Source – The room’s light source is another thing you have to keep in mind as you install hardwood floorboards. For instance, if the room relies mainly on natural light, then it is advisable that you install the floorboards following the light’s direction.

This is done in order to create a uniform look for the room’s floor. If you choose to run the floorboards perpendicular to light, then you will notice that the boards will cast a shadow if there are any minor height differences.

If you are looking for ways to improve your LA home, then there is no more need to look any further. Home improvement projects such as installing hardwood floors will go a long way in terms of creating a unique look for your home. Make sure to give this project a try.