Varun and Maria P., Manhattan Beach & Marina Del Rey

RJ represented us in the purchase of our home in Manhattan Beach and, shortly after, leasing our high-rise condo in Marina Del Rey.  Since our Manhattan Beach home purchase was the largest personal investment we had made at the time, we wanted to make sure that we had done thorough diligence.  Despite it being a relatively new construction home, we had a number of concerns that came up in the initial general home inspection.  RJ was awesome in helping us alleviate our concerns!  He introduced us to an amazing team of consultants to advise us (roofing, drainage, mold, etc.) and made sure they got access to do their work and come to their conclusions despite a very seller friendly market in Manhattan Beach.  Ultimately, we got comfortable with everything, closed on the house, did some renovations to make it home and couldn’t be happier!!

In leasing our Marina Del Rey luxury condo, RJ dealt with a wide variety of high profile potential tenants and vetting the viability of each tenant.  By securing a reliable tenant for our condo, we were able to weather a down market and ultimately recoup our initial investment and more once the market bounced back and our condo appreciated in value. Thanks RJ!