what our clients are saying
  • RJ helped us with the purchase of our home. RJ was professionally tenacious in the various aspects of the negotiations.This being our first home, RJ was invaluable in helping us through the process and pointing out things that we would have never even considered. We were also leaving for our wedding shortly after the close date and RJ was able to help arrange getting us into a freshly painted and carpeted home in a very reasonable timeframe. Since then, RJ has helped us consider other potential home purchases and again his advice and experience has been invaluable in helping us make decisions about such an important investment. RJ is always accessible to answer even the most trivial questions and he is always eager to help and resolve any issues.

    Chris and Erica E. , Redondo Beach.

  • It was wonderful having RJ as my agent for the sale of my beloved Pasadena condo. My place was definitely a "niche" property, requiring just the right buyer. RJ was very helpful in suggesting which improvements were critical to marketing the property and which ones should be left to the buyer, which proved to be spot on. We set our selling price and began the process. RJ hosted several open houses which went quite well, but after a few weeks we still hadn't had any offers. I was getting a little nervous and suggested we lower the price. RJ wisely counseled against it and shortly thereafter we received a full price offer from the "right buyer". Throughout the entire process he proved to be professional, communicative, and knowledgeable. Thank you RJ!

    Ann M., Pasadena

  • RJ is the ultimate real estate professional. When we decided to purchase a new home, we were nervous about the market and closing the deal before any other offers rolled in. RJ was able to calm us down and quickly negotiate with the seller for a price under asking. RJ was always a step ahead of the seller's agent before and during escrow, and very knowledgeable about every step of the real estate process. RJ was also very helpful during the loan closing process, which was long and painful. Every time we wanted to call our loan officer and chew him out, RJ was able to explain the delays and assure us the end was near. We were able to move into our dream home within 45 days of the date of the offer.

    Jakub and Tammy R., Pasadena

  • RJ helped our family with the purchase and sale of multiple properties in past decade. In the first instance, RJ negotiated a substantial concession from the seller on our behalf. When we went to sell that property—which was a quirky, modern condo in a transitional neighborhood that had limited appeal to most buyers—RJ quickly got us offers above asking. But when our personal circumstances changed late in the sale process, RJ successfully fought on our behalf to cancel the sale with no penalty. A couple of years later, RJ helped us sell that same property for more than 1/3rd more than we had previously been offered, despite a stagnant, buyer-friendly market. At the same time, he helped us buy a single family home in a safe neighborhood with great schools (in a much more competitive market with multiple offers common). At that point we thought we’d never need his services again. But not long after, when I was offered a dream job in another state, RJ got us a top-dollar, full-price offer on our home after several below-asking offers. By not pressuring us to take an early, low-ball lower offer for a quick commission, RJ helped us get our investment back and preserved our family’s long-term financial security.

    Jeremy and Caroline B., West Los Angeles

  • RJ is my go-to professional for residential transactions. He has helped me with five purchase and sale transactions over the past several years. I trust RJ’s objective input, and value his understanding of my emotional roller coaster during the various transactions. Most recently, RJ handled the sale of my house this fall. He was involved from the very beginning — identifying a price point for the home, being present for the inspections, holding open houses, dealing with escrow — through the very end when we turned over the keys to the buyers. Throughout the process, he put my interest first and was always working to maximize my bottom line with the sale. It was clear that his goal was not to simply get any deal done at any price. His goal was to obtain the best price, while at the same time managing my preferred time-line. He anticipated my concerns, and addressed each of them accordingly. Ultimately, RJ closed the deal by obtaining an excellent offer. I look forward to working with him again.

    Ben M., Manhattan Beach and North San Gabriel

  • We have known and worked with RJ Przebinda on a number of properties throughout the years. During that time we have found him to be extremely well versed in the real estate arena, conscious of his client's needs and dedicated in his follow through.Working with RJ, we have experienced the highest level of competency and care.He is constantly in contact with his clients and makes every effort to keep them informed during the various phases of complex real estate transactions.

    Donna and Jerry S., Pasadena

  • RJ represented us in the purchase of our home in Manhattan Beach and, shortly after, leasing our high-rise condo in Marina Del Rey.  Since our Manhattan Beach home purchase was the largest personal investment we had made at the time, we wanted to make sure that we had done thorough diligence.  Despite it being a relatively new construction home, we had a number of concerns that came up in the initial general home inspection.  RJ was awesome in helping us alleviate our concerns!  He introduced us to an amazing team of consultants to advise us (roofing, drainage, mold, etc.) and made sure they got access to do their work and come to their conclusions despite a very seller friendly market in Manhattan Beach.  Ultimately, we got comfortable with everything, closed on the house, did some renovations to make it home and couldn’t be happier!! In leasing our Marina Del Rey luxury condo, RJ dealt with a wide variety of high profile potential tenants and vetting the viability of each tenant.  By securing a reliable tenant for our condo, we were able to weather a down market and ultimately recoup our initial investment and more once the market bounced back and our condo appreciated in value. Thanks RJ!

    Varun and Maria P., Manhattan Beach & Marina Del Rey

  • We asked RJ to help us find and buy our first home. As first time home buyers, we were nervous and afraid due to the whole process of purchasing a new home. RJ listened and understood our needs. When you work with RJ, you will be in the hands of a true professional who is looking out for YOUR best interest. We were walked through the whole process and were at ease knowing that RJ is our agent. He fought for us when the listing agents tried to pull questionable actions during the purchase of our house. With RJ's guidance, we avoided any issues. His detailed approach allowed us to make sound and informed decisions all through the process. He kept us up to speed with excellent communication and was always available when we had questions. RJ made the process look very easy when in reality there was a lot being done in the background. It was a pure pleasure working with RJ and, with full confidence, we refer his services to our friends with high marks. He is and will be our go to real estate agent!

    Andrew and Joanna W., Santa Clarita

  • Purchasing your first home is both an exhilarating and nerve-racking experience. With mine, RJ was adept at navigating that emotion roller coaster. He was exceedingly patient with me and my wife while we waded through countless properties in a tough West L.A. market. With his expertise in both property quality and strategy in negotiations, we were able to prevail against the competition and secure our dream home in which our first child was born. Without him, none of that would have been possible. He is truly a professional in every respect and can be relied upon without question.

    Neal and Stephani S., Westside Village

  • We worked with RJ on multiple deals, including the purchase and subsequent sale of a condo in downtown LA, and the purchase of the first condo that would house our growing family. One of the most important attributes of RJ is that he is always reachable, especially since my family is constantly on travel. Scheduling tours, inspections, appraisal was done in a streamlined fashion ensuring  closing on time.

    RJ's ability to properly assess his clients' search criteria was clear, since we made an offer at the end of the day and had an accepted offer by morning. The location of our purchase was exactly what we were looking for, and we loved living there. When it came time to sell our unit to accommodate the need for increased space, RJ aggressively marketed our property and was always quick to follow up with prospective buyers' representatives. He was ultimately able to to sell our property through a streamlined transaction.

    For our next purchase, RJ found us a beautiful condo in Brentwood that met all of our needs, and he was instrumental in working with the sellers to secure a quick offer acceptance, and we ended up closing nearly 2 weeks early. Thanks to RJ's commitment to facilitating constant contact between us, the seller’s agent and escrow agency, our purchase was easily one of the most hassle-free transactions that we have ever completed. RJ brings peace of mind and importantly, solid fundamental knowledge of multiple housing markets so that you can always know that you are receiving the best guidance with respects to inventory, pricing/purchasing strategy, and the necessary experience towards an expeditious closing. We were proud to have had RJ represent us.

    Dean & Sarah H., Downtown L.A. and Brentwood