The Best Food Delivery Services in Echo Park

Food delivery services are becoming more commonplace as people want more convenience at an affordable cost. There are many services to choose from and each has its own specialty or way of doing things. If you’re new to the food options in Echo Park, and would like an idea of the food delivery services available, read on to learn more.

Some food delivery services in Echo Park offer readymade food brought to your door, while others deliver boxes of food that need to be cooked for the meal. These options are perfect for those of us who don’t have the time to shop for food and prepare it. It’s also a great idea for those who want to learn how to cook gourmet dishes without the hassle of grocery shopping.

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Blue Apron Food Service                                                                                                      

Oftentimes, having the exact amount of food delivered to you that you need to cook a meal is economical because you won’t have any leftover ingredients in your fridge that will go to waste. For example, some ingredients only come in bulk sizes, but you may only need a small portion of a specific ingredient for a recipe you’re only going to make one time.

Other times, you may be craving take out but don’t want to stop the movie you’re watching or leave the party you’re at to pick up the food. In those cases, you can use a delivery service that brings you food from restaurants in Echo Park.

The following are some of the food delivery services available:

Blue Apron – The service from Blue Apron will deliver three boxes of food to your home each week. Each box contains everything you need to cook one meal using locally grown ingredients. The cost is $9.99 per person.

Yummy – Forget about driving to the store and waiting in line; Go to to order groceries and other items that will be delivered to your home or workplace within 30 minutes.


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LAbite – LAbite offers delivery from a network of1757 restaurants in Southern California brought to you by teams of LAbite drivers. You can order dinner to someone’s home or cater lunch for the entire office. LAbite also offers personal assistance via the phone and order tracking online.

Amazon Fresh – Amazon Fresh, whose offices are located in downtown L.A., offers free delivery on orders over $50. You can order groceries, premade meals and products from local stores via your phone or computer. The membership also comes with other Amazon Prime benefits.

Drizly – This delivery service specializes in delivering alcoholic beverages to your door within half an hour. You order from the app, and you don’t have to worry about sending the designated driver to pick up more drinks.

Farmbox L.A. – With Farmbox L.A., you’ll receive a box of fresh produce and groceries from local farms. You’re in control of how many deliveries you want, whether that’s every week or once a month. You can also customize the contents of the box based on what’s being harvested at that time and your personal preferences.

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DoorDash ­- Have goods and food delivered from local businesses with DoorDash. DoorDash was founded by college students at Stanford back in 2013 to connect consumers with local business. Expect your order to arrive in 45 minutes or less.

Test out food delivery services in Echo Park to see which one best fits your needs. Are you planning on moving to Echo Park? Don’t forget to check out Echo Park real estate with Los Angeles Real Estate Unlimited.

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