Echo Park Stairs for Exercise Enthusiasts

Echo Park Stairs for Exercise Enthusiasts

echo-park-stairsA century ago, inhabitants of Echo Park real estate used municipal stairways as passages and to access streetcar lines. In those days, stairways as huge numbers as highways are today. Some stairways were built to provide quick short cuts to the next street or point of destination. And there were even some destinations that could be reached only after climbing hundreds of steps.

But over the time, these stairways began to lose their importance and people did not prefer to use them. The city began closing the historic Echo Park stairways for there were abundance of complaints on account of drug deals, burglary attempts, accumulation of trash, broken steps, and more.

The “irrevocable permit” ordinance was passed in Los Angeles in order to close down some stairways temporarily for maintenance purposes. Many of them did not open for more than 30 years after the closure. Today, Echo Park real estate has a few historic stairways that are still closed usage but many are now open for stair lovers and exercise enthusiasts.

Are you looking for a great weekend climb? Here is the list of a few stairways in Echo Park that have been favorites of stair climbers.

Baxter stairs:

With more than 230 steps, the Baxter stairway is the tallest stair way in Echo Park real estate. In this digital world, the thought of climbing more than 230 steps is a tough challenge. However, it is an impressive landmark in Los Angeles. On the way, you see some awesome views including the streets of Elysian Park and its many walking trails. It really is worth the visit. Baxter stairs give you a wonderful experience if you are physically fit.

Avalon stairways:

avalon-stairsAvalon stairways have two sets of stairs that extend east and west of Echo Park Ave. They had been a part of transportation system in Los Angeles real estate and had been a safe passage to walk up and down the hill. The Avalon East stairway has 192 steps, starting at 1550 Avalon St. and ending at 1893 Lucretia Ave. This trail has a zigzag course at various angles on a steep incline. The Avalon West stairway is well-maintained and has a narrow track that extends along well-build houses and cottages.

Curran stairway:

Curran stairway has 129 stairs, made of concrete and located at Curran Street. Its lower end is at 2403 Valentine St and 1540 W Curran St is its upper end.

Other famous Echo Park Stairways are Clinton Stairway, Delta & Lucretia Stairways, Laveta Terrace Stairway, and more.

Charles Fleming, an author of Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles, mentioned Baxter stairs and Avalon stairs as his favorite stairways.

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