Other Services
From General Office, to Yoga Studios; From Dental to Physical Therapy, over the past decade, Gold Leaf Group has assisted business owners throughout southern California in realizing their full income potential. We’ll help you identify the appropriate area for your business, analyze demographics and competition, and help build the team to open your business.
At a certain point, it doesn’t make sense to lease your commercial real estate. Gold Leaf Group can help you determine if it’s time to acquire commercial real estate for your business. If ownership makes sense for you, we’ll help you get the appropriate financing – sometimes with little or NO down payment. We’ll put you in touch with the professionals in your industry that will help you design, build and even equip your business.
Tenant Representation Services
Retail tenants seeking to locate their businesses can rely on Gold Leaf Group to find properties that we’ll maximize their company’s growth potential. We understand that no real estate advisor can find you a business location without a thorough understanding of your business model and future growth strategy. Prior to presenting you with potential sites, we will work with you to understand the issues that affect your business and how they relate to your site criteria. For a proposal on how we can assist your business expansion plan, please contact us at 626.993.6693.
Tenant Advisory services include:
  • Site Selection
  • Site Acquisition
  • Lease and Contract Negotiation
  • Relocations
  • Expansion Planning
Landlord Representation Services
Landlords seeking to fill their retail centers can rely on Gold Leaf Group either to provide specific services or turnkey services. We are dedicated to developing and implementing practical and efficient leasing strategies with a focus on long-term revenue maximization by securing credit worthy tenants with solid business models. If you would like a proposal on how we can help you increase the revenues of your retail center, please contact us at 626.993.6693
Landlord Representation services include:
  • Real Estate Strategy Assessment
  • Real Estate Lease Administration
  • Property Management
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Property Specific Disposition Strategies
  • Advertising & Marketing of Properties
  • Renegotiating lease agreements
  • Negotiating settlements with tenants
Applying our knowledge of investment fundamentals, Gold Leaf Group is able to develop the appropriate strategy to achieve your investment goals. We understand that whether the opportunity is a residential income, retail, office, and industrial real estate asset, the value of the investment lies not in the bricks, shingles, or nails used to construct the building, but rather in the net operating income the asset generates.
As your real estate investment partner, we will assess the value of a subject property relative to the current market. Upon identifying target properties with upside potential, we will determine the appropriate acquisition price, operation strategy, holding period, and disposition method.
Acquisition services include:
  • Market Research
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Deal Structure
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Due Diligence
  • ConsultantOversight

We use sound judgment and years of experience to help you in repositioning struggling properties to increase NOIs prior to disposition. We leverage our relationships in the industry to determine the appropriate disposition strategy. /div>

Disposition services include:
  • Market Research
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies & Implementation