If you’ve decided to sell your home, you need a representative who will help you secure the best price for your property. I’ll provide you with up-to-date information on market factors, including annual trends, local property values and recent sales in your area.

I’ll also develop a marketing plan to show off your home to its best advantage. Prospective buyers will see detailed information about your property and neighborhood, as well as a professional-quality photo gallery. A tailored marketing strategy will ensure that your property is showcased for prospective buyers.

During the negotiation phase, I’ll fight for a competitive price for your home, making sure that every stage of the sale goes smoothly. My focus has always been on achieving the best possible value for my clients, so you can be assured that I’ll use every tool at my disposal to locate and lock in an outstanding final offer.
Selling a home can seem challenging, particularly for first-time sellers. I see real estate as a collaborative process, and I will work with my clients to realize the outcome that’s right for you.

Selling Process

Every property is different, but this is a basic rundown of the sales process:

Planning to Sell

After scheduling a consultation and property tour, I’ll develop a sales profile, including detailed information about your property’s value, the potential pool of buyers, and your position in a competitive market. We’ll review potential upgrades, repairs, and remodels, including staging options.

Timing is an important consideration in designing a sales plan, so we’ll also discuss your preferred time frame. I’ll consult with you about scheduling from a sales standpoint, and design a customized marketing strategy to ensure that your listing reaches prospective buyers right away.

Preparing to Sell

I’ll execute a marketing plan for your property, including compelling copy and photography to appeal to prospective buyers. We’ll work together to schedule required inspections, as well as locating staging, decorating, and home-repair professionals who can take care of any recommended improvements. I’ll coordinate with you to ensure that open houses and showings move forward on a schedule that’s convenient for you and potential buyers.

Reviewing Offers

Once offers start coming in, I’ll help you analyze each one and craft a response, ensuring that the negotiation process works to your advantage. We’ll review each proposal carefully, either on a rolling basis or as a collection, evaluating each offer’s pros and cons. I’ll give you my expert advice on the best course of action, and you’ll choose the best offer for you.

Closing the Sale

I’ll help you choose an escrow firm and other service providers required to finalize the deal. You’ll have everything you need to go into closing with confidence, including detailed information about your legal responsibilities and scheduled tasks. I’ll work with you to keep buyers engaged in the process, ensuring that they meet their obligations and complete the transaction on schedule.