Ben M., Manhattan Beach and North San Gabriel

RJ is my go-to professional for residential transactions. He has helped me with five purchase and sale transactions over the past several years. I trust RJ’s objective input, and value his understanding of my emotional roller coaster during the various transactions. Most recently, RJ handled the sale of my house this fall. He was involved from the very beginning — identifying a price point for the home, being present for the inspections, holding open houses, dealing with escrow — through the very end when we turned over the keys to the buyers. Throughout the process, he put my interest first and was always working to maximize my bottom line with the sale. It was clear that his goal was not to simply get any deal done at any price. His goal was to obtain the best price, while at the same time managing my preferred time-line. He anticipated my concerns, and addressed each of them accordingly. Ultimately, RJ closed the deal by obtaining an excellent offer. I look forward to working with him again.