Rolling Stones in Echo Park


For the past five decades, the Rolling Stones have gone on to perform some of the most memorable gigs in musical history. They have played all over the world. The band has played in some of the greatest places on earth, from New York’s Madison Square Garden to Wembley Stadium. On May 3rd, it seems that Echo Park has joined the prestigious list of places graced by the rock legends.

It was surely a night to remember. The band’s performance was a warm-up gig. The rock gods performed in front of a small crowd saw in this well-known area of Los Angeles real estate. Those who attended the show were treated to such classics as “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Street Fighting Man” for a ticket price of $20.

As the night wore on, crowds started to gather around the Echoplex, with adamant fans waiting on the street and on rooftops. They enthusiastically waited for the band, hoping to see the legends leaving the club.

The most dedicated of the bunch who decided to stick around were awarded for their efforts. At around 11 pm, frontman Mick Jagger along with Charlie Watts and the rest of the band finally went out of the club. They were greeted by the ardent screams of their fans and the flashing of cameras. Soon enough, they drove away in their luxury cars and the night was over.

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