New Construction at Echo Park Lake

New Construction at Echo Park Lake

Following the renovation of Echo Park Lake, the area is again getting a facelift from new construction projects. Two new housing projects have been announced to help rid the area of vacant homes and tempt new residents into the area.

The Blackbirds Project is being planned by Los Angeles developers Local Construct. The project seeks to demolish several vacant homes on one of Echo Park’s many hillsides and build a total of eighteen new homes. The homes will by two or three bedrooms and have private yards with covered parking. An internal street will connect all of the new homes to each other, providing privacy but also encouraging interactions between residents and promoting a sense of community. The project has received some backlash from current Echo Park residents, who are afraid of the additional noise and traffic problems such a project may cause. Construction on the Blackbirds Project began the first week of July, 2013.

Another Echo Park Lake construction project is known as 36 on Echo. The model units for the project were completed in 2012. The first phase of liveable units was completed in September of 2012 but the other phases are currently still underway.  36 on Echo is a collection of townhouses in the Echo Park area. Each townhouse will consist of either two or three bedrooms, as well as anywhere between one and three-and-a-half baths. Nine different floor plans are available that allow a certain degree of customization to the units. There are also three finishing options so that the tiles, wall color, flooring, etc. can best fit the buyer’s personal taste. Each unit also comes with a private two-car garage. A parking lot with 13 spaces for guest parking will also help to ease parking woes. 36 on Echo’s units run between $480-580,000 with additional fees for grounds maintenance and water.

The Echo Park real estate is extremely diverse and has a wonderful sense of community. These new projects are likely to give vacant neighborhoods a facelift and promote further diversification of the area.

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